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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by petchy, Dec 16, 2005.

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    my LO's been moving like mad these last few days, it feels like someone's having a good old rummage in there, rearranging everything in my belly by the feel (and look!) of it! my bump is just moving all over the place! he's definitely grown these last two weeks, his movements are so much stronger and more defined now. (his movements feel similar to the way i toss and turn in bed at night in my struggle to get comfy!! :lol: )

    yesterday and today i have also had a lot of pretty constant pressure on my bladder, and sometimes i also get this sudden intense pressure right towards the front of my "nether regions". the latter especially when i'm walking or standing - i've had to stop walking several times this morning on my walk between the bus and the train as i thought i would wet myself if i didn't!! it goes away as soon as i sit down though, thankfully! feels like baby is starting to descend into the pelvis - at least that's what it feels like to me. almost feels like i have a bowling ball in there at times!!

    my brackston hicks have become more frequent as well, although they are never uncomfortable. i don't really feel them other than the fact that they just make my tummy go hard.

    have any of you guys felt these things and then been told by the MW that baby is starting to engage? i've not got another MW appointment until the 28th now, so i have to wait to find out for certain. although the midwife that runs the aquanatals i go to on wednesdays might be able to tell me, as she's pretty good like that. i might ask her next week!

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