preparing for possible premature birth?


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Dec 26, 2011
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So currently 26+1 with a little girl and some of my liver blood results have come back off which I knew was possible as I have gallstones and some scarring to my bile ducts after sepsis. They are giving me steroid injections and I am being closely monitored but obviously not the ideal situation. The current aim is to get me to 30 weeks so have my eyes on that prize! Currently madam is absolutely fine which is good and I don't care what I have to go through as long as she is ok. Just trying to get myself prepared for all possibilities such as a 30 week delivery. Any advice is welcome, at least I have a heads up for the situation. xx
I had a 32wk delivery with my second. It was all fairly planned as they tried to stop labour but it was happening. There were two midwives and two neonatal doctors in the room. They had the baby resus cot out, warm and ready. When he was born I got him for a quick cuddle and a kiss then he was taken to the cot where he was checked over and wrapped up. I said goodby and he went to neonatal.
I'd had an epidural so had to wait for it to wear off so it was around 6hrs and a bath later that I got to see him and speak to a doctor.
Neonatal is overwhelming at first but you get to know other families, the staff, the babies etc. I stayed on the unit in a family room so I was close. This was only because none of the rooms were in use. Usually only those who are ready to go home can stay a few nights before discharge. So I was lucky.
If I were you, I'd visit your local neonatal unit and familiarise yourself with the place. It will also give you an opportunity to meet other mums who can give you the best advice.
Good luck and I'm sure everything will be fine xxx

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