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    Dec 21, 2016
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    Hi ladies

    I'm new to all this so apologises for my lots of questions lol.

    Anyway on Sunday I took a test and found it to be positive! I wasn't trying but at 31 and in a 2 year relationship it's a happy positive.

    I had started light bleeding on Friday (I've been on the pill a long time in fact I can't even remember a time I missed one) but haven't a period in such a long time I was quite surprised with the bled hence taking the test altho my mood has been all over the place recently too.

    Anyway, I went for an internal scan yesterday and have been told I'm 6 weeks with a single IUGS with yolk sac & fetal pole. CRL 3mm and cardiac pulsations were seen. Is this all normal??

    Altho I do have this strange feeling I may be more than 6 weeks, possibly 8 weeks I will be having another scan in January.

    I havent a clue on a due date as yet because I haven't had a missed period so it's hard to work out, will the next scan be able to give me that information?

    Any help, advice would be so appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Nov 26, 2013
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    Hi tht all sounds pretty normal to me. Think im about a week ahead and had a private scan yesterday with all the same info exept was measuring 5mm. Could hear aNd see heartbeat too. Cant wait to have another scan where there is more to see!!

    Congratulations �� X

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