Pregnant with IBS-D and Anxiety

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Mrs.Cooper86, Aug 2, 2021.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am 4wk 1 day according to my ap. 3 positive pregnancy tests over the last week and all were clearly positive. I am experiencing the lovely boob pains as well as cramping that seems to wonder around at will in the uterine area as well as lower back. My sense of smell is always insanely sharp and I have not started having any smell aversions, but I have noticed change in urine and hoo-haa odor. Nothing off-putting but definitely different. No nausea. Cervical mucous is clear, thin, and more abundant than the typical situation down there. I am not sure if this next thing is due to the hormones, but I have not really had any appetite. I was getting SUPER anxious and jittery every 2-3 hours. I realized what I was feeling seemed like low-bloodsugar. When I ate then I felt much better. Normally I have an appetite any given time and enjoy eating...this last week it has felt like a chore and it has felt like I have needed to be on top of it or I start to feel like poop.

    Got married in May to the love of my life and for as long as we were dating we knew we wanted a baby together. We intentionally avoided pregnancy until this month and low-and-behold the test all say "pregnant". I am 35 and this is a first pregnancy for me so naturally I am FREAKING OUT about every little thing and DESPERATE to know that my little critter is going to be ok. Part of me just feels like it is way too good to be true. I even went in for a ultrasound just to see if maybe I was a little further along than I thought and possibly visualize there, but we got nothing. It is too early, I know. We have another appointment when I am 6 wks and that should yield something.

    I have generalized anxiety and was on 50mg of zoloft for years. Knowing I wanted to be pregnant, I weened off of it after the wedding. Naturally, my anxiety levels have increased. One of the main reasons I took Zoloft was also because it practically eliminated my IBS-D. Unfortunately the whole last week (3 wks preg.) I have been bloated and by the end of the week I was a little constipated. Yesterday I went full-tilt in the other direction and had a HORRIFIC IBS-D attack that left me crying it was so painful.

    Now today I am experiencing some upper left pain under my ribs that is like a dull aching/burning which wraps around my back/flank area. I am not sure if this is intestinal inflammation related or what, but I am bummed (no pun intended). Then I am randomly having cramp pains in the uterus as well. My husband keeps telling me I need to relax, but it is nearly impossible when my entire left side hurts and I keep feeling cramps. How the heck do you not worry when there is real pain happening?

    At present, I have had no spotting or bleeding and I am trying to just keep telling myself that all of this could be normal. I am just wondering if anyone else on here is an IBS-D/Anxiety sufferer and what their early pregnancy experience was like. Heck I wouldn't mind to know the entire pregnancy experience. I just worry that if my intestines cause pain and distress consistently, then I am probably at a higher risk of miscarriage. I have medication for when I have IBS attacks but it is not recommended for pregnant individuals unless it is extremely severe. I am desperately hoping I can manage things with diet and such. After doing a lot of research it sounds like many of the homeopathic teas and remedies I would reach for to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and IBS are not safe for pregnancy, or at the very least should be avoided in the first trimester.

    Happy to be here with all the other mamas to be.

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