Pregnant after miscarriage in March


May 5, 2005
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Hi everyone, im am new to the site. I just wondered if anyone can give me any advise, I miscarried March 23 and I have just found out I am pregant again. Just a bit worried as I was advised to wait for first period before trying to conceive again and I have concieved again before my period. Is this still safe for the baby ? I hope it is !
Everyone is different. The Docs recommend waiting 1-3 cycles, just for consistancy and to make sure you properly mourned and are emotionally ready. As far as it being a problem for your new baby ... I haven't ever heard of any problems in my past ... with friends or previous posts. As a matter of fact, I can recall one girlfriend that was pregant immediately after a M/C and her son is now 3y .... I have also read a few posts with early conception post M/C ... and haven't heard of problems.
Congratulations ... you have been blessed with a miracle! Enjoy ... and look to the future. God will guide you through the right path for you. HE obviously felt it was time for you, the first one just wasn't viable and healthy ... now you can move forward. God Bless and Congrats!

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Hi thanks for the info. When I had the miscarriage I didn't think I could manage or carry on. Everyone elses world was carrying on were has mine felt like it had stopped. I was very lucky to have my girls who are 2 and 4 to keep me going. You were right about being blessed I cant believe how lucky we are to be expecting again. I can't wait !! Congratulations to you as well !!

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