Pregnancy weight & TTC#2

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    I hope this is in the right thread, I didn't want to spam the pregnancy thread!
    (I also don't want this to sound like I don't think all bodies are beautiful and powerful - I am merely speaking of my OWN body and my struggles with coming to terms with how it looks now)

    I had my first baby in Sept 2017, and we are TTC number 2 now that he is almost a year old.
    During my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. I was around a size 8-10 before pregnancy however almost a year later I am now a size 16+. I'm guessing I gained around 12-15kgs. I'm really struggling with this new image..

    I had a difficult time post labour so didn't start trying to lose the weight for a few months afterwards, however it didn't go well. I assumed it was due to a mix of the medications I was on at the time so I relaxed a bit about it while I came off of them. I'm now still not losing the weight.

    My question is, if I get pregnant again, having not lost the 'baby weight' from the first time around, am I likely to gain a similar amount of weight again this time and become twice the size I am now?! :shock:
    Man, it sounds silly asking out loud...

    I just don't think I'll cope well if I end up gaining ANOTHER 15kgs that I can't lose... not to mention the health problems that will bring seeing as I am only 5ft3.

    Thanks for any advice/experiences.

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