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May 26, 2005
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Okay - what gave you the biggest laugh throughout your pregnancy?

For me, it was when I felt the hiccups for the first time - they still make me laugh, for some reason it strikes me as really funny.

The other day, my OH told me a joke he'd heard on the radio - and it was "My wife and I had a baby, and we decided not to find out the sex. The child is six years old now and we're dying to look!" I nearly bust a gut laughing.

Today, my brother's fiancée said something about cutting baby's nails and how she had heard that most mothers consider clippers and scissors too harsh and just BITE baby's nails off (ewwww by the way). My brother was horrified and immediately blurted out "But you're not going to go around biting babies are you?" He apologised two seconds later, but it was too late - I had to go and sit down, my bump was hurting from the laughter.

What about you guys?

When I went for my antenatal check up the dr asked me if I had any swelling around my ankles - I misheard this as have you got any swellings on your wrinkles!

Only a few days after this I went to view a nursery and the manager told me they took the kiddies to the local park - I thought she said they took them to the local pub!

Ive kicked the dr while getting off the bed after he checked my stomach!

I flooded the bathroom out as I forgot the bath was running! The bath mats were floating in 2" deep of water!

There have been so many daft and silly things Ive done the list is massive! They have all made everyone giggle - Im glad Im useful for something he he!
Last pregnancy I went totally loopy and forgetful.

I lost my keys, and hunted all over the house for them. I checked every bag, every room, down the back of the sofa, all my pockets, my coat, I went outside and checked I hadn't left them in the car........

You know where I found them?

In my HAND.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
PMSL I had to laugh at that urchin!! :lol:

I am always forgetting things, and bumping into things! The amount of plates which have hit the side coz I turned round too fast etc.
I have to laugh when I try and sneak through a little gap, for example, between cars wing mirrors in a car park... I've got wedged more than once cos I forget about the bump!

I made my family laugh yesterday when we were eating Sunday dinner.
I said:
"OW! he just kicked me right in the parsnips"

They all fell about laughing!
Yesterday I couldn't find my yellow towell anywhere.

An accidental walk past a mirror alerted me to the fact that it was wrapped around my head!

Almost pi*sed myself giggling about that.

Pregnancy brain struck again!
I've done the car keys one. My worst moments have to be when I was reading about the digital pregnancy tests that sometimes give false positives and I said to my sister "what if I had a false positive" despite the fact I had already had 2 scans and had a right bump at the time. Also when I wanted both my sister and OH to come to my 20 week scan and I was told that might not be possible so I offered to go out the room for a bit so my sister could go in, obviously I forgot who had the baby inside them. Have done too many, tried to put dishes in the washing machine and clothes in the dishwasher. Fed the dog at the same time as getting my breakfast, guess who ended up with the crunchy nut cornflakes (much to his delight). Started my journey to work whuilst stioll in my slippers, gotten into the bath with my pants on and wondered why it felt wrong. I once was a clever person honestly.

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