Preeclampsia / gestational hypertension / toxemia symptoms

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Inga, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my experience.

    Have t been feeling very well, this is my first pregnancy and I so wanted a baby for a very long time, but all I want is for this pregnancy to end. I have been listening to my body - being very active And healthy, I have now been prescribed bed rest, but I have been resting for the past month! Haven't been leaving a house, not talking about swimming pool and walks or gym.

    Anyway, I have been proud of myself as I havent got stretch marks or puffy ankles (until now). From about 20 weeks I got Carpal tunnel syndrome, which seamed to get worth, but you can't see any swelling by looking. Two days ago when having a bath (just resting at home) I noticed swelling in ankles, although it is normal for pregnancy, I thought its not normal for me. So I contacted doctor and got extra appointment yesterday. My ever active LO seams quiter so told about that as well. They took BP 3 times, first was slightly raised and my urine had no protein, baby was kicking away and preeclampsia signs are swollen face and hands. So looked like no real problem. When they took BP 2nd time, they expected it lower, but it was very high (148/94) and they put me in a reclined chair bed to rest. frankly I thought it was a mistake as I was feeling ok. But third BP was still high/borderline.

    The thing is not just my doctor but myself have been looking at my symptoms lightly. I do have swelling in face especially around lips. I thought i only saw morning puffy eyes. My hands are swollen, as I can't make a fist. High BP and weightgain of over 5lbs in a week all says that I have Hypertension (I think it's a form of preeclampsia),that can lead to serious complications for me and baby. The only treatment is giving birth, so will have to do that earlier depending on how far I can go without serious risks involved.

    So I will be induced within next 10 days latest, possibly c section. I am 36+4 today. little worried about my little bubs, can't imagine anything happening, I thought he is very strong big boy, very active with strong kicks and measuring 4 weeks ahead. He is kinda quite now, moving much less, so there is a problem with me...:-(

    Just wanted to share with you girls, do listen to your body and if you think something is wrong than most probably you are right.
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    Try not to worry at 37 weeks our babys are classed as fully cooked so anytime after that is fine and from 34 weeks 99% of babys born are bot. With no side affects ling term so you should be ok. Try and relax as this will helpake labour easier for you big hugs xxx

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