Preeclampsia - advice needed


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May 31, 2005
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Has anyone here ever had preeclampsia? Sorry, but this is quite a long one!

I went to see the midwife on Tuesday and they did a urine test and it tested positive. She also tested my BP and that was 129/79 which is normal. (First test was 126/84 8 mths ago) I also went for a scan on Thursday and the midwife told me to go to the antenatal day care centre while I was there and give them another sample and if it still tested positive they would send it away for tests.

It was still positive so they sent it off and now I'm waiting for the results.

Anyway, over the weekend I've had swollen feet and ankles and couldn't get my shoes on (only my feet, not hands or face). It has been very hot weather though. Last night I had a bad headache and woke up in the night with a headache. I've been seeing white spots for a couple of weeks as well.

When I asked both midwifes waht the protein in urine meant, they both kind of fobbed me off, saying "Oh it could be any number of things". My community midwife said it could mean the baby was coming, but the hospital one said it could mean I have an infection, but I felt fobbed off like they didn't want to worry me.

Given that my BP was normal, does it sound like there is any danger of preeclampsia?

I feel like I have all the symptoms (feet have gone down today a bit), swollen feet, headaches, white spots, protein in urine, but no high BP.

Does the BP have to be high for it to be preeclampsia? If not, then has anyone else had protein in the urine and what was the outcome?
Hiya Blossom, try not to worry to much, When you are pregnant ankles and feet are more prone to sweeling in hot weather, so if your weekend has been anything like mine temp wise, that can very well explain your problem. As for the protine, that could well be a minor urine infecting, also common during pregnancy, and again the heat can make you dehydrated and more prone to getting an infection. I would suggest you drink plenty of fluids as this strangly helps water retention/swelling and will help to if you do have a bladder infection. If your still really worried just try to relax and keep your feet up and avaiod doing anything that would inrease your blood pressure untill your midwife gets your results.
:D Im sure its fine.
At antenatal appointments your midwife may use a dipstick to check for protein in your urine sample. The presence of protein in your urine (proteinuria) gives information about how your kidneys are working.

Low amounts of protein are not uncommon, and may simply mean that your kidneys are working harder than before pregnancy. Your body may be fighting a minor infection, and the midwife may send your urine sample for analysis, to establish whether you have a urine infection , and of what type. You may then be prescribed antibiotics.

At the next appointment the midwife will establish whether there is still protein present, and whether the amount has increased. Increased proteinuria, as it's known, may be an indication that you are developing pre-eclampsia, a potentially serious condition of pregnancy that can affect the health of both mother and baby. A combination of raised blood pressure , worsening proteinuria and swelling of fingers, feet and face suggests pre-eclampsia. Sometimes only one of the symptoms is present. If your urine sample has high levels of protein, your midwife may take a blood sample to check on your liver function.

Hope that helps...

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