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Feb 17, 2005
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hello just thought id let u all know had a visit to the hospital yesterday as my blood pressure shot up to 143/88 last week it was 110/60 i had proyein in my wee very swollen legs and a frontal headache they put my on a monitor and checked my blood pressure every 5 mins then sent me for some blood tests apparently all is fine now even though my feet are still swollen and i have a headache my blood pressure was still high they sent me home and told me to put my feet up so unless i dont hear from them today i guess all i well just wish they were abit more concerned like me?? :roll:
Don't worry! Easier said than done though - but trust your instincts! If you suspect something isn't right, get straight back to the hospital!
I hope you feel better - it's always a worry. Just relax and watch a bit of good morning telly!! (envious - missing it like mad!)
Thinking of you
Emilia x
i had high blood pressure last week kept going between 142/110 and 125/96 and 90 is ment to be high my usual BP was summit over 70 so i spent fri in hospital but they had no beds and sent me home again- now i have to keep going to the docs daily to have it checked and it is still up now - never been so bore of doctors
i do feel like i was fobbed off really there was obviously something wrong but they didnt seem to have to for me might just make an appointment to see my gp aswell :D

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