Potty Training - Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by Little Rose, Jul 12, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone :wave:

    So today was Day 1 of potty training my 26 month old daughter.
    She has had an interest in her potty, went on it a couple of times, asked about big girl pants etc prior to today.

    We have been building up to today for a couple of weeks. She could not have been in worse form this morning - a pure devil! Anyway, she would not let me take her nappy off this morning when she woke - she wanted to get her breakfast with the nappy on. So by the time breakfast was over, she had done a poo in the nappy.

    Upstairs we went, cleaned her, dressed her and put on her big girl pants. That was a just after 8. All morning I waited and waited. Kept asking if she had to pee and gave her juice etc as the hours dragged on. When she was eating her lunch she wet herself. She told me after she'd done it but she went mad when I tried to take off her wet shorts and pants. She kept saying sore bum mummy.
    So we got through that drama, got her changed and she went for her nap.
    After her nap I took her to the bathroom and asked her did she want to sit on the potty. She said no. Literally 1 minute later she wet herself in the kitchen. Again she cried when I tried to take off the wet pants but no mention of sore bum this time.

    It was scorching here today so eventually I gave in and we got out her pool. I kept asking if she had to pee, she said no. Eventually when she was standing at the side of the pool she did a pee (am almost 100% sure and she said yes when I asked her).

    So off to the bath we went as it's almost bed time. When in the bathroom she wanted up on the big toilet, but she did not pee.

    I had pink pull ups for bed and she kept asking me to take the "nappy" off. She's having a snack now just before bed, she's forgotten about the pull ups.

    I am so disheartened - is it normal for the first day to go like this? I can't believe she never went on the potty once.

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    Z was the same for the first few days, he must have gone through 20 pairs of pants! He got there in the end. Maybe try a sticker reward chart? Xxx

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