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  1. Pixxy

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    Jan 14, 2014
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    I don't think it will be to long before my daughter is ready to start potty training.
    I want to get everything ready for when she is ready but I just had a look online and there are so many potties to choose from!

    Which ones are the best?

    Training pants or pull ups?
  2. Jojo84

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    Jan 21, 2013
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    Tbh the advice my hv gave us (and what we're going to follow) is no nappies at all. Just put them in underwear and prepare for a lot of accidents.
    My son is in pull-ups (I started to get sick of chasing him around the room trying rompir his nappy on at about 14 months... So he's used to pulling them up and taking them down... We had a go but he's not quite ready. Also putting them in underwear will show you exactly how long between wees, I'd its too frequent then potty training isn't quite achievable.

    We have a potty that the sweaty lifts out so its easier to clean... Mae also found traditional ones are a little too close to the ground. The 3-in-1 look good... The ones where they are a potty? A training seat and a stool.
  3. fcroxy

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    Jul 16, 2013
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    We went for just knickers when potty training. No nappies at all during the day. The first two days we had a few accidents but by the third day we had a completely dry day. Were two weeks into potty training now and its been much easier than I thought it would be.

    My daughter has been in pull ups for a while too as like jojo said its much easier to change when they are running away lol. My LO has been using the potty for a while at home but as soon as she had her pull ups on she stopped telling me when she wanted to go, hence the reason we stopped using nappies in the day. My HV told me it confuses them why sometimes they can wee in their pants but other times not.

    As for a potty we have a 3 in 1, potty, toilet seat and stool. My LO will use both the potty or the toilet so we also have a separate toilet seat upstairs (its hard work running up and down the stairs all day now I'm pregnant so she will use the potty downstairs, plus its handy to have close incase they are desperate to go and someone is using the bathroom). Good luck. Xx
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    Oct 20, 2010
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    Ive been very lucky and by day 4 my LB really
    Took to potty training in Jan when he turned 2.5yrs.

    I went and let him pick a few packs of big boy pants (he opted for Thomas & George Pig!), got pull ups for bed.

    I did buy the expensive Thomas the Tank potty that has a sensor and toots and plays the theme tune when he wees or poos lol.
    This was a real winner! He just simply wouldnt sit on a bog standard potty.

    Within 2 weeks he was happy to try the toilet but we kept the potty going downstairs for the last min wees where he wouldnt of made it to the loo.

    For the 1st few days we didnt leave the house either kept his pants on or bottom naked so it was easy for him to jump straight on.
    When it came to going out we 1st started with a pull up but making sure he went before we left and asked every 10mins if out shopping etc to try and get him to go on public loos rather than inside pull up.

    He really took to it. I really do recommend the talking potties! They r pricey but he seemed ao happy and proud when e heard it go off!

    Forgot to mention i had a sweet jar that we used for a few weeks and let him take a smartie or jelly tot every time he went on the potty.. Swapped that with just clapping and cheers and he soon forgot about the sweets.
    He wees for Britain so got very hyper by the end of the day after going 37383 times and earing a sweet per go ahaha x

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