Postion of baby- I don't think they are head down. how to tell.

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by princessp, Dec 5, 2016.

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    hi all, my baby has been breech all along ( been having regular growth scans until 29weeks.) at 29w the baby was head down. However when I went for midwife appointment at 31 week, they felt my bump and stated that they felt nothing down towards my pelvis and that baby must be laying in a funny position or possibly breech.

    I can feel a large lump on my left side at the top of my bump and then a smaller lump on my right side only slightly lower than other lump. When I feel the lower part of my bump it feels like there is nothing there. Also I have a Doppler and can hear heart beat on my rightside near the smaller lump but can't hear it anywhere else.

    Anyone got any ideas on the way baby is laying. I have a feeling that the baby is transverse, although the two lump seem a bit close together to be the bum and head.

    I have another midwife appointment at the end of the week but just wanted to see what people think.

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