Possible miscarriage? Graphic photos, im sorry.

Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by Jessica753, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Jessica753

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    Jul 13, 2020
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    I have had 2 miscarriages this year.
    I havent had my period since my last miscarriage, my doctor told me this is normal. I've also been on the mini pill and taking it religiously.
    On Sunday I started to bleed, presumably my period so I didn't think much of it.
    But last night I woke up with horrendous cramping, i could barely breathe and could not move. Then when I went to the toilet today I was met with this, dark red lumpy mess followed with pink discharge.
    I then had no bleeding for 3 hours followed by this odd stringy thing that was actually stuck inside me...
    If I was pregnant I didn't know.

  2. Kitana

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    Aug 11, 2016
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    Hi hun, if you've been on the pill, then it's most probably your AF. I've had loads of stringy bits during AF. You probably pay more attention to now since you had a miscarriage.
    I'm so sorry for your losses...:hug:

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