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May 4, 2005
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Hi all, I just wanted to ask your opinion on my symptoms ok here goes my last period was on the 11th April and I am due again on the 7th May (26 day cycle). I had sex every other night around my Ovulation time. I have quite a few signs but I am not sure if they are right, I am really tired, I have been nausea's along with Lightheadedness and dizzy spells (maybe nausea is coming from that) I am little emotional but only one day I have had that, since Sat past I have had a sore stomach like a period on its way only milder, My partner says my breast are a little firmer and there is a hard feeling to my stomach but still a little Jelly, also on Sunday late night around 11.00pm I felt really sick as if I was going to vomit but when I reached the bathroom I was ok (twice that happened). That is all my symptoms I am convinced I am pregant but dont want to get my hopes up! :( Pls pls help and let me know what you think, all comments welcome! Thanks I also just remembered that this morning there was a bit of blood although tiny and nothing there when I wiped!? :cry:
Well you do have some symptoms, i have very sore and tender boobs, which started about 2 weeks before i was due, i have not suffered with sickness and my tummy is not really hard yet so that could be something else! I have however, been quite lucky as i havent been emotional, but have been tired, and very bloated! also increase in wind can be a sign!! lol

Hope you are let us know when you do a test

Natalie x
thanks Natalie, I pray that I am pregnant but when your waiting it seems to take forever!!!!!
It wasnt to bad for me as I wasnt really planning on getting pregnant, I came off the pill last May to give my body a break, me and BF were carefull most of the time, but then just didnt think about it! I was 10 days late just b4 xmas so this time when i was late i didnt really think anything of it, was quite shocked with a positive test result, but also very happy! In fact my BF said to me a week b4 i was due that he thought i was pregnant, so he wasnt shocked when i told him!!!

Hope it all works out for you, keep me posted!

Hello Dee!

Well, I wish I had your symptoms! Not to get your hopes up, I'm no expert, but you sound pregnant to me... Be sure to identify the symptoms, are you feeling like this when af is due?

I assume you haven't tested yet. Will you wait till you're a few days late on your period?

Crossing fingers for you, you seem to really really want this!

I also wanted to add that the tiny bit of blood you mentioned could have been the implantation bleeding, some women get it. Just keep an eye on it to make sure it's not as heavy as af. I've read it's more like pinkish-brownish kind of blood and it doesn't last for long, maybe a couple of days.

I only started feeling like this on Saturday past and normally I have severe cramps when per is due but its light and I can cope with it. I tested yesterday morning but its was negative but this was too early anyway so I will test again on Saturday as that is when my period is due.
The bleeding was very minor a sligh dash and that was it nothing after that!
Me wants a baby so bad I know I am getting my hopes up but I have a feeling they are going to be dashed as I have been trying for a year now! :cry:

I feel the same, I am due Fri 13th (unlucky eh!) and I am hoping and praying for a BFP too.

Hope you get the result you want my fingers are crossed for you!

Kim xx
Hey 13 is unlucky for some - but not everyone - this could be your lucky day!

Good luck testing, get your bfp soon

Hi Dee,

I really hope you get the positive result you crave, I wanted a baby too, I just didnt really think of it as trying if you know what i mean. Both my BF and i said, it will happen when its ready to, thats the only way i managed to keep myself from getting upset everytime i got my period.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!!!!!

Natalie x

Thanks Guys your help has been great! Good luck to everyone who is ttc or is preg!! xxxxx
Hey Dee!

Best of luck!!!

And lots of baby dust your way :) :)

Please don't get dissappointed if it comes out neg ok? It could take a few more days to show positive

I will try my best not too but its so hard! and I really want a child! Anyway what is your story? :roll:
Good luck Dee, keeping everything crossed for you!!!
Hope to see a post on monday with a big grin and happiness all round :D

Take care
Natalie x
Your having a tough time waiting aswell then! Poor you, take it there is still no major signs??

I cant wait to do a test in the morning but I bought three just in case and I get them of a website that is rather cheap £6.00 something for three plus postage on top, but if they all come out negative I will go to the doctors as I now convinced (I know I shouldnt be) that I am Pregnant!

The only reason I am convinced is due to the symptoms that I have and they come and go first thing in the morning and late in the evening.

I am the same as you wondering is also not sleeping right during the night, when I go to bed I am knocked out until arounf 4.30am and I wake every half to an hour until I give in and get up!

I wish you all the very best, Please let me know if anything happens and changes with you and I will do the same.


Hi Dee,

I'm due AF on the 8th May, i'm like you really impatient- Cant you do an early response they are more sensitve than normal ones?

Good luck

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