Please girls, can you help me.....

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Loobie9, Jan 22, 2008.

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    i started accupunture 1 week ago. i have either 35 ot 41 day periods. Mainly 41. I am working with the lady to regulate my periods intime for my ACU appointment in Feb. As potentially i think were be going down the route of IVF........

    I am now on cd36, and keep having waves of nausea, bit gassy and constipated. Also today, (and this is the bit that's puzzling me) I am in the worst mood ever. Feel really bad and emotional and like i have this terrible dark cloud hanging over my head.
    This month I have really tried to ignore any change that has been happening as we onLY BD 3 days after my period and then again a week later. So believe me i'm not unrealistic and know the chances are most definitely stacked against me and more than likely this is my period. However the symptons feel quite strong.

    My question is, could this just be the accuputure working with my hormones and things get worse before they get better ?.

    Has this happened to anyone and they've ended up PG or NOT.

    Many thanks in advance and baby dust to you all x x x
  2. choklatemunky

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    Sorry Ive never had accupuncture and dont have an answer for you..
    but...Its not over til the fat lady sings and all that!

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