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Oct 21, 2008
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While on holiday in Thailand in August/September I had sex with a women who now says she's pregnant. She lives in Bangkok and I live near London. She is an ICU nurse at a government hospital.

She went to the doctors and had an ultrasound scan, where the doctor informed her that she was 6 weeks pregnant. She emailed me a picture of the scan.

Apparently she has total placenta previa. The doctor advised her to have an abortion, but she refused.

Recently she started having very bad abdominal pain and today she has been bleeding alot, so much so that her work colleagues noticed. She went back to the doctors today and he gave her a drug to stop the uterine contractions. He also advised her not to work for 2 weeks, but her boss will not let her have time off work.

Does anyone know anything about this condition? From what I have read bleeding doesn't normally occur until late pregnancy. Is she going to keep bleeding for the rest of the pregnancy?
heres a link on placenta previa - never heard of it myself before as all new to me too but doesnt look like its much of a problem early on as it could move later on? Dunno, take a read and see what you think? Sorry cant be more helpful...
I dont think its anything for her to worry about too much at the moment, they will check at her scans if it is moving up which it usually does but if it doesnt then she may have to have a c section as it will be covering the cervix. She shouldnt bleed all the way through tho will prob just be now and then. My friend had it and she had bleeding quite bad but her baby is fine

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