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Apr 21, 2005
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Just wondering if anyone else has pets that seem to understand you pregnant?! is it just me?
My lovely dog Jazz keeps sitting on my belly!!! she's like a chicken on an egg LOL!! Dont worry too much, shes not a huge dog or anything! she keeps looking at my bump and just seems to 'know'!

my dog also sits on my belly and also just seems to stare at it, she sometimes gives my belly a little lick, i think they know.


lol, yeah my cat does this too! he's become very clingy lately! and he always wants to curl up on my bump! son there won't b foom for him to do that anymore! :D
I havent got cats now, but i did when i was pregnant before, both times they seem to know before i did, there reaction to me was what partly made me do the tests.
My cat knows. She has gone from being jealous, to being clingy! She sometimes looks at my bump with discust when she tries to cuddle into me!
I think my cat knows that something is different about me.

She jumps off my lap in a bad mood if he starts kicking. :D
I was just telling my mum what a nightmare my dog is being at the moment - he was like it with the last two but this time he seems worse.

He crys when I go out and sometimes he has even wee'd when I get back, he sits with his head on my lap constantly and just looks at me with big eyes - he wants to sleep on the bed with me (which isn't allowed, he takes up too much room!!).

He is ok if I go out with hubby or the kids but its when I am here on my own during school hours that its like he needs to look after me and worried if I go out alone!! He gets really excited when I come home and if other people come round he is fine with them just really excited and its as though he is telling them about the baby!! He is an 8 year old boxer who has always been so easy to leave at home etc and at the moment he is so funny - I am going to make him a bach flower remedy to sort him out!!!

I also have 2 cats - one is nearly 22 years old and doesn't know his arse from his elbow so no change in him but my other cat (female) is wanting to sit on my lap all the time and she keeps dribbling on me too!! She is only picture in the evening, trying to put feet up and dribbling all over me and dog slobber all over my lap!! And thats without the husband pawing at me as well!!! :wink:

Bless em!!
my dog is doing all that at the mo too.

I havent had much experiance with dogs, she is more my OH's than mine so i thought her behavoiur was normal
From what we are hearing it sounds like its pretty normal!!! :?

I guess they just pick up on things so much better than people and want to take care of us!!
no i meant i thought all dogs did that, i didnt relise her following me around more was a protective thing
Our dog has become very protective. Whatever room i go in he comes in and lies beside me. If anyone comes to the house he barks and growls and he never ever did that before. He seems very protective.

The only thing my cat cares about is how often she gets fed!
I see what you mean Layla - god no!! I couldn't cope with that all the time!!!

I know what you mean my dog always lays his head on my belly when were laying down, and he used to run and pounce on me and now he only carefully puts his paws up on me....i think there smarter then we all think :D oh and he seems jelous cuz i cant do much with him no more so he sucks up to my bf lol.
LOL....arent they funny! they really seem to have that '6th sense'!
Jazz is now escorting me to bed on a night, almost as tho she is protecting me.
She is a staffy, which are nanny dogs, so im really excited to see her with the new baby, she sat at the bottom of my fiends baby's bouncy chair all calm and placid, when normally she is a complete nutter.
mmmmmmmm....wish i was snuggled with my doggy on the sofa watching GMTV not a crappy work :cry:
my cats know something is going on! they are very talkative and don't like being limited to some rooms! Would not let them lay on my belly though because they might lay on the baby when hes born and don't want that!

They just talk all the time and love the fuss!
I don't know if my cat knows but she is very distant since I am pregnant apart from when she wants food :wink:
I THOUGHT that my queen cat might have picked something up, she had started jumping into my lap again (which she had stopped) and purring but unfortunately she was killed on the road a few weeks ago :cry:

Her son, Fats (my husband named him), has shown no interest beyond when he wants to be fed...apart from keening for his Mom every now and then.

On the other hand my parents in law have a shih tzu called Snoopy who is very attentive lately - but maybe that's cos I always gave him loads of attention when I went to visit.

My dog Shona is still trying to jump on my belly all the time, like Im her personal bouncy castle :lol:
when i was pregnant with my first child my cat used to lie on my belly all the time until baby started moving and it frightened him then he didnt like it ive still got the same cat even though had my son 12 years ago and hes lying on my belly all the time at the moment so we will see what happens this time :D

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