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Mar 28, 2005
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Hi Lou

How did you post your pic up? I tried to link to a pic on flikr website of my bunny and it just shows the link in the preview....

Ta for any help

BTW Travis is v cute. :)

I am a dog person I'm afraid, cats make me sneeze :shock:
Ah thanx, Trav is my baby. I was never a cat person but we rescued Phebes, she was a stray bless her heart.

As for posting pics I use photo bucket and all I have to do is copy and paste the IMG from my online album to my posts.

Sorry I can't help more :)
Here is my rat Nicki- cute!


You rat is beautifull! Dont show moonpiesb, i think she is scared of rats and mice. lol

Oh and Trav is about 14 bless him, he is getting on a bit and unfortunatley he has luekemia but he is hanging in there and he gets lots of love :)

Here's my 3 fur babies...


These are the twins, Mog & Mariner


And this is little Jesse

They are all 4 years old.
Ah I love them! I remember you saying you had a cat called Jesse before when we were talking about baby names!

I am loving this thread, its beautiful :)

I know it's great, and your two are really cute. It's not the best pic of the twins but I haven't got any more on photobucket. I can't wait to see more pics of pets. Perhaps we could have a baby pics thread too?
Yeah that would be excellent.

EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!! I am truly an animal lover.....with the exception or rodents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scare me to death. That was a CLOSE up. I think I just "pissed me kilt". I have a Scottish Terrier named Tanner, and two cats, Anna and Buttercup. Although, Buttercup should be called Butterball...she is THE fattest cat I have ever seen. Don't have any pics on the computer to show you all, but I love them all dearly.
Breathe moonpiesb breathe

I am absolutely terrified of spiders and its that time of year when my house is full of big hairy crap ones. A couple of months ago I got out the bath and was drying my face and neck when a big spider crawled off of the towel and onto my face :shock: ! Then about a month ago a big one fell out of my hair and ran under my bed!!!! :shock: My bf had to pull the bedroom apart till he found it and got it in a glass and put it outside!!!! (I would never hurt one)! :shock: The worst one I've ever seen, apart from a red back in australia, was in Indonesia in an outdoor mud-hut shower! OMG it was like a bloody dinner plate!!! :shock: and in India all the spiders jump!!! yeah as if crawling wasn't bad enough them suckers jump!!!

Breathe Lou Breathe

I can't breathe...I am too busy trying not to You are a better person than I am, because when I see a rodent I declare war, and one of us has to die. Fight to the death. So far I have been the winner; I may lose one day, but until then I will fight with all that I have to rid my part of the world of them. All my friends/associates know that if they have a rodent problem all they have to do is call me and I will rid them of it. I mean business. WHEW....I am still shaking. :shock: :shock: :shock:
Aha! Created a photobucket account and it worked!



This is Charlie, my chinchilla, having a snooze


This is Arfur, my bunny, when he was a baby. He's a bit more grown up now.
They are adorable! Would love to give them a cuddle :)

Give them a cuddle from lou x
Now I think bunnies are cute!!! I don't believe they fit in the rodent category.
Hello all thought i would post a pic of our puppy ALFIE. Taken last christmas.


And here he is thinking he can still get through the cat flap!!!

What cute pets! Sorry to scare moonspieb! He's very old and cute honest and he's cream and white and really doesn't look like a wild rat. They're totally different breeds you know and it's a bit like the difference between a wolf and a dog. We caught a wild rat that was in our kitchen with a humane cage and he just looked so different- shorter tail, snub nose, different hair and such a different attitude! The wild one was really furious but ours just want yogurt drops and a bit of company- they're much more affectionate than even Guinea Pigs (and I love Guineas!).

My Nan won't look at photos of them either but she had some bad childhood experiences of them that I don't think she'll ever get over- she can't even tolerate Guinea Pigs or Rabbits because they look kind of rodent-like! I have a problem with spiders but so does my husband and his phobia is much worse so I'm having to be very brave about it otherwise stupid things occur like neither of us being able to have a bath for days because there's one stuck in the bottom of it!! I've seen my Nan scoop up the huge wolf spiders and pet them before putting them outside- shudder! Each to their own!

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