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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by lilcurly, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Hi ladies.

    I posted at the beginning of the month waiting for AF. Turns out I just wasn't lucky that time around. Period came 7 days late. So now I'm all screwed up so i was wondering if you lovely ladies can help me figure out when I should be ovulating. Last 3 months of periods below, start and end.
    Nov - 3-8th
    Dec - 6-11th
    Jan - due 8th started full flow on the 14th finished 18th
    I have an app called my days which says I am fertile now and will ovulate on the 1st. Is that right? P.s. my partner and I have done the deed every day bar 1 since the 19th. Can you tell I want a baby? Hahaha xxx
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    I'm useless with dates sorry but I've been using Ovia & Glow apps. Both seem quite reliable!
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    It looks like your periods are a little irregular. The basic rule of thumb is that you ovulate 14 days before you come on your period (assuming you have a standard 14 day luteal phase). This is easy to work out future ovulation dates if your periods are regular, but if they're not then it makes things a little trickier!

    So, based on the above it seems you will have ovulated on or around the following days:

    20th Oct
    22nd Nov
    31st Dec

    This is a 33 day cycle followed by a 39 day cycle, I think?

    Have you tried monitoring your cervical mucus? It should change throughout the month and be thin, clear and stretchy around your fertile time (usually in the days leading up to ovulation). You can record the changes on the above mentioned apps.

    Alternatively, you could use ovulation predictor kits which show when you're about to ovulate or record your basal body temperature each day (although this will only show after you have ovulated). You can also record these details on the apps.

    You may also get cramps on the day you're ovulating which helps you to know when it's happening, and some ladies get a tiny bit of spotting around that time too. Xx

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