Pepsi / Cola cravings caution

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Jun 14, 2005
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I only heard this the other day at work and I don't know how true it is or anything. I'm no doctor, and do not know if it is true...but.....

I was talking to a lady at work who had an autistic child, and her doctor blamed her cola cravings when pregnant?

I know that lots of people here crave it. I have actually started craving it myself, but I'm not drinking it because it upsets my stomach.

Perhaps it would be better to drink fanta or something instead?

Of course this may all be a load of rubbish, but I thought I would mention it anyway.
I think there are far too many warning about silly things. Like hair dye! it's all so hype I think half the time. :roll:
OH NO!! I cannot, just cannot live without my pepsi at the moment, what will I do. I really hope this isn't true, I've been trying so so hard to avoid bad things, and I didn't even go near fizzy drinks in the 1st trimester. I do only have 1 or 2 cans a day though, although I constantly crave it I make it last and drink other drinks inbetween.
Kim, I'm sure you will be absolutely fine!

This lady might have made it all up for all I know. The cola theory might not even have been the cause of the autism.

Don't worry too much. I just thought it best it we alternate between cola and other stuff. A couple of cans wouldn't hurt anyone.
Probably have Cola for blood....maybe I should cut down eh?

I dont drink a lot of coke or anything like it now have cravings for lemonade. But I cut down on coke because of the whole caffine causes miscarriages thing.
i have been drinking pepsi my whole pregnancy and well im almost past 24 weeks i hope everything is ok!

i have been craving fizz i think, it doesnt have to be coke, it can be, lemonade, orange ade, what ever is going as long as its fizzy.

I have been thinking of getting some soda water and putting no sugar juice in it for flavor, got to be better than pop
Mine's turning into more of a fiz thing than a pepsi thing now, the other night we had nothing in and I was going crazy!!

Good idea about he fizzy water thing. :D
not sure it will taste as nice tho lol

but its worth a try i guess :)
hmmmm, i just thought, this is prob the reason why i cant sleep at the mo lol
Yep i agree with sami, there are so many stupid warnings, i dnt listen to half of them, cos u wudnt be able to do ne thing oherwise, lol. If ya wanna drink coke i say go ahead, as long as u dnt drink urself into lookin like a bottle of coke.

I tend to drink diet coke if im goin out with the girls, well alternate between coke and orange juice, but both tend to upset my stomach after one or to, id be happy with water, but would feel cheecky goin in and askin for water all the time, lol

bec x x

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