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    Hi girls,

    I had been diagnosed with PCOS previously however with injectibles I became pregnant and had a baby boy! I caught naturally 6 months later and had another baby boy. This was 5 years ago and I am now 32. Since then I had regular periods of around 29 days.

    I became pregnant earlier this year and sadly lost the baby. My cycles have become longer at 33-39 days but regular. I have noticed I have had increase of hair growth in my neck! And thining hair. I have put on weight also.

    Do you think my PCOS is peeking and that I am not actually ovulating??? I am trying for a baby with a new partner. I am worried that I am not working again. Would Angus cactus start ovulation?? I know I have children but it's really upsetting me.

    Any advice would be great x
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    Hi if you are still getting periods then you are likely to be ovulating. A cycle of less than 40 days is still classed as an acceptable cycle length.

    If you have not been using contraceptives for some time your body will be displaying more pcos symptoms (it took us 17months to conceive and during that time off the pill my symptoms got really bad).

    It definitely worth seeing your GO and asking for 21day bloods to see if you are ovulating. As you have a new partner they will need to test him also x


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