Parental education class today, didn't learn a thing

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Lewa, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    BUT I'm glad I went :) For one thing, at least I feel that I have read up on enough and that I'm well informed. It's nice to know I know what they want you to know!
    Also, it seems like they are quite "natural" at the birth center where I plan to give birth, and even in the hospital if you're transferred, and that they try to encourage you to not have pethidine or epidurals unless you really need it, she talked about that she's quite shocked how almost everyone in OBEM are lying on their backs when giving birth as that is not effective etc. I feel safer now that I'll get the support and help I need to do the birth the way that I want to, as what she recommended when talking through the different stages of birth etc was pretty much what I have written in my birth plan. So that's good to know!

    Also, the only "pain relief" you get at the MLU I'm going to is gas and air, so unless I'm transferred I won't get any more drugs even if I ask for it, so I'm really happy about that too :p Then I don't have to worry about complaining about the pain or anything cause even if I want drugs, or my husband wants me to have some not to see me suffer I'll just have to get through it.

    Also nice to have hubby there and know that he now knows all those things. He says I've told him all those things before, but I can never know for sure if he actually listened, but now I know he knows, so that's good as well.

    Pointless post really, as there are no questions or anything, just wanted to tell someone :p :)
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    Much better to already to know everything than to show up and not have a clue what they are talking about :). Wow, you are brave to not even have the options of more pain relief! I am hoping that I can handle it with minimal drugs but I really don't know what I will think in the midst of it haha. About the lying on the back to give birth, I have also heard that squatting or on all fours is better. My friend who had a baby a few months ago also told me that while she was in labour the nurses asked her to sit on the toilet through a few contractions and a time because that will naturally make your muscles down below more relaxed. :)

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