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Mar 30, 2005
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Hoping you dont reply!!! means you should be in labour!?!?!?
She hasn't been on MSN all morning which is not like her - fingers crossed for her as I know she would rather not be induced - lots of love to you Elaine!!
ha ha ha no im still here. i was just having a lie in

wooohooo look at my ticker. its nearly off the scale lol
No you cant be!!!! how have you not gone insane yet :lol:
Update on paradysso.

Has anyone heard anything from elaine this afternoon/evening? I was timing her contractions in the chat room this morning till lunch time, have just tried to go on MSN to see if her or dan are about for an update but my MSN isnt working. I have mad pregnancy hormones telling me this is it and she is in labour.

Any one know?!?!?!?!
Sorry this is a message for Kerry

I just read an old magazine in the staff room, i think it was Eve or She, was that you in there talking about becoming a Doula. i think it was from winter 2003.

Yes that was me - it was December 2003.

It was a great laugh - photo shoot, makeover etc all courtesy of the BBC.

I think some of the pictures are on my web site?

i thought it was you.

how are you.

i have just found out i am having a boy. i dont know how i will cope with three boys plus DH and a gay cat in the house.


I'm good thanks - we aren't going to find out what ours is, we already have one of each so I guess it doesn't matter really, but like you with your boys (and gay cat!! LOL) I do wonder how I would cope with 2 teenage girls with periods, boyfriends, mood swings etc!!! I do think boys must be easier as can let me know :wink:

Had my scan last week and they put me 1 week further ahead so have changed my ticker etc to show correct date - about 18 and a half weeks now so nearly half way which is really scary!!

Lots of love
My partner's 18 year old son lives with us and teenage boys are HARD WORK believe me!!
so are four year old boys LOL !!!! Mine is a handful. i hope that he grows out of it.
Wonder how shes getting on, hope its all ok for her
yes i am wondering too! i know she was being induced at 2.30 today, i hope it all goes well for her!!! hopefully she will hae her little bundle of joy home in no time! :D
anyone heard anything?????? dying to know!!!
When was she induced again? Hope she has had an ok time! :?
Well on wednesday before she went in she was intending on just staying over night and being home and posting us the next day, but hasent been online since, so Im guessing things took even longer to progress or perhaps she had to have a c-section and is spending a bit longer in hospital.

Dan is currently logged on MSN this morning but showing as being 'away' I will see if he logs back on!

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