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May 28, 2005
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HAd a horrible night on Sunday - exactly the same as Lucy Bee). After brown spotting NHS direct doctor sent me to A&E who hooked e up to a drip etc and told me it could be an eptopic pregnancy. They change their minds and sent me home. Just had a scan today and all is lovely - baby in right place, right size and heart beating strongly. Best moment ever! Am now the proud owner of some grey blob scan pictures (I can even see an arm bud). Am 8wks 3days so message to all those who may worry - keep calm and all may be well. Bleeding now stopped and due to sudden growth and release of old blood.

Lucy - phew! Glad you're ok too x

Glad all is okie! Hope you're mor relaxed now :) they give you a EDD yet? or they sending u for 12wk scan anyways?
Hi Louise,
I'm so glad everything is ok.
I was thinking about you and hoping that it would be.
I've still got bleeding so am in a state of constant anxiety. I thought this was supposed to be a happy time but I'm turning in to a nervous wreck!
Anyway, was great to see your message and well done! Thanks for letting me know.
Lucy x

Thanks for your replies

Sami - My EDD is 21st January so I'm 3 days behind where I thought I was. It ties in though because although I am 100% sure of my LMP date I didn't test positive until 3 days after AF was due so I've been told I may be a late ovulater! I'm trying for another scan at 12 weeks because of the missed miscarriage I had in January at 11 weeks. It's 50/50 but I'm sure I'll know the signs this time if anything is wrong.

Lucy - I've had bits of bleeding although today it does seem to have stopped (fingers crossed). If it stays brown abd you have no pain I shouldn't worry too much. I am thinking of you.

Louise x


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