Painting/Glossing in pregnancy ?


Mar 9, 2005
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Does anybody know if it is safe to use Paint and Gloss paint during pregnancy? I thought id better start getting the nursery ready as they say it should be done about 3 months before the baby is due, but i just wanted to make sure it would harm the baby now
im pretty sure its ok hun just make sure youve got alot of windows open!
i did mine the other week and got it all done in one day, i wouldnt advise it! spread out what youve got to do as i was in agony all that night and the next day and ended up goin to hospital with diahrea and vey bad back ache they thought id gone into early labour from over doin it! all was ok but just a warning to take it easy xxx
Thanks for the reply Sasha, I just wanted to make sure. Luckily its not hugh room so i should be able to get it all done in a day.

Thanks again
Hi Kelly,
Ive so far decorated 4 rooms in my house since being pregnant, its fine dont worry, I checked with my midewife and she said not to worry. Just be sure your not stripping old lead based paints as these ARE harmfull.
I recomend decorating sooner rather than later. Im currently decorating the cloakroom toilet and I cant believe how tiring it is! and its a tiny room! I was going to do it in a day, now Im planning on spreading it out through the week. But like I say I have been painting, tiling, laying carpet, laying a patio, building a wardrobe, you name it during my pregnancy! just take it easy and dont over do it. any lifting, get someone else to do it and dont you be up and down step ladders either!

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