Pains/Cramping ???


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May 17, 2005
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Hi all

Im now 34 weeks pregnant and starting last night I have been having cramping pains low down in my tummy, so bad that last night i couldnt sleep.

Things arnt as bad this morning but still got a dull ache. Is this normal?

I have read so many books/web site etc but actually realise I know nothing! :-(

Any advice ?

Sam & Bump
if i remember rightly i think its just ur cervix preparing, but i just found this info on a website so maybe good idea to phone ur midwife

Call your health care provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms of pre-term labor:

Contractions — You may or may not have pain, but your abdomen or stomach will get very hard (a feeling like it is tightening) and then relax, on and off.
Menstrual-like cramping — You may or may not be uncomfortable with these cramps, but they feel like the cramps you can get before or when you start your menstrual period.
Gas- type pains — Feels like sharp pains in your stomach, or like a stomach virus. You also can have diarrhea or nausea.
Low pelvic pressure — Feels like the baby is putting a lot of heavy pressure down very low inside.
Low backache — Can be a strong or a dull ache.
Blood from your vagina — Can be either light spotting or more blood like during a menstrual period. Blood can be red or brown in color.
Increased discharge from your vagina — Much more discharge than what you are used to during your pregnancy. Can even be a sudden gush of a lot of water, or a small trickle or leak of water that is continuous. Discharge can be watery, pinkish, or brownish in color.
Thanks for that paradysso.

Ive rung the midwife and just waiting for her to return my call.

Its hard to know what to do/think. on the one hand i dont want to be a pain ringing over nothing, then again i dont want to be in trouble!

any advice glady received

Sam & Bump
oh my midwife says i can ring her if i want a shoulder to cry on, they are very nice people, never hesitate in phoning them, better to be safe then sorry
hi there, i had the exact same cramps as you describe about 4 weeks ago...
really bad in the eve, to the point that i actually thought i was having contractions!
during the day, as you say, it was more of a dull ache and then in the eve they got bad again.
this went on for about a week and i got refered for physio and she gave me a huge tubi grip which goes all round my tummy and under my bump, it's really lovely and supportive and now i hardly have any pain.
they said it was the ligaments stretching.
hope this helps, please don't worry, it all sounds very normal x
hi i have alot of differant pains in my pelvic area n my midwife said its probably just the baby trying to push its head through ready for the birth
Hi all

thanks for your info. After seeing the midwife, she assures me that the pain is my muscles etc relaxing in the evening and with all the stretching going on, it just intensifies at night! great! lol

Got just over 5 weeks left to my due date, and really excited now

Sam & Bump

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