pains and large tummy for 9 weeks

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by lulu, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Mar 24, 2005
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    Hi, I am a little concerned. I think I am 9 weeks pregnant but several people have said they think I am further on than this and say I look about 16 weeks pregnant. In february I felt very tired, dizzy, sick, emotional and thought I was pregnant so I did a test. I did this before my period was due, it was negative and sure enough I had my period. That was my last period so Im assuming that I was not pregnant then. The thing is I have a very large tummy and have been experiencing some pains, mainly little sharp pains, abit like period pains. I know a couple of people that were actually further on in their pregnancy than they had expected and did pregnancy tests that gave them a negative reading when they were pregnant. How possible is this and how can I found out for definate? I have my first appointment on tuesday with the midwife, will I know then? does this appointment involve a scan? :?
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    Your first appointment will usually be at your local doctors so no scan.
    The dating scan is at about 12-15 weeks I think.

    At the first appointment you usually fill out some forms and your midwife will give you some advice.
    However they can tell an approximate date by feeling your find out how big your uterus is, so tell your midwife your concerns and I'm sure she'll do everything she can to try and give you an opinion.

    good luck!

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