Painful ribs


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Mar 24, 2005
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I've been getting very painful ribs on my right hand side.
This happens mainly at night and it feels like I've been lying on a knife!!!

Its getting very difficult to sleep as I only have my left side to sleep on and my partner complains I breathe too heavily in his face! (I have asthma)

Anybody else had this pain at all? Im thinking I should check it out with the doc or midwife. :?
hi lulu,

I am not yet in the 3rd trimester, though I am approaching 25 weeks...anyway, just wanted to say that I have these pains, just like you, on the right side, but not just at night; I have recently noticed that I get these pains after eating, and think that it's my full stomach pushing! don't know for sure, and I forgot to ask my midwife last Wednesday!

I am trying to eat less at once and more often, I think it has lessen my pain.
Maybe you can try that!
hope it helps a bit!

take care,
mel xx
I think I had a limb jammed under my ribs all of last week, it was agony, but it's fine now. Strange!!

Now you come to mention it, I have felt it after eating also.
Problem is I havent been eating much anyway so not sure I can cut down :?

Have posted a question on midwifes online but it takes a possible 7 days to reply :?
I get this pain but in my left side of ribs mainly. I asked my doc as I've been getting it for a good few weeks now and it's due to that pesky hormone relaxin which gave me SPD too. All the cartalidge in your body gets softened by it and if you sit for too long - especially hunched over a bit, or have a full tummy, or just even laying on it, can hurt it and make it sore. Mine hurts a lot in the evenings when I try to wind down too.
Not alot we can do about it though I was told sorry, wish I could give you a more positive answer! :?
thanks for the info, Sami!

take care,
mel xx

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