Pain in the pelvis???


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Apr 17, 2005
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OK ladies I need your help a little bit. Has anyone expeirenced any kinda pain on the pelvis bone at 16 1/2 wks???? I have been getting this pain when I walk on my pelvis bone and with my other children when I had gotten a pain like that it was the baby's head down there. Now you can all tell that I am only 16 1/2 wks and I dont think I am far enough along to be feeling the pain down there like that. What do you guys think it is?? The pain is only there when I walk (thank goodness) but it has me a little baffled.

xoxo Ree
Hi Ree,

If it is anything like my pain it is SPD. I started with it at 13 weeks and it has gotten worse ever since,
I had it with Amy and the doctors told me it was stretching ligaments but i can assure you that is is definately SPD with this one. Today i can't walk and believe me it doesn't get any better!!

You should ask your midwife to send you to physio, it helps.

Good luck hun.
I had pain all the way to about 17 or 18 weeks, like the wost period pains in the world. Sometimes so bad i thought i was going to lose my baby but i was also told it was stretching and absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm 20 wks exactly tomorrow and i have no pain at all now apart from horrible back ache.
If it gets any worse get straight back to gp or midwife, have to keep nagging otherwise they don't listen!!
Take care and i hope you feel better soon
SPD is more in the hips and in the groin area, it's where your body has released too much relaxin so makes the muscles in that area too soft which is why you in so much pain as you have no support.

It's not period pain type its sharp shooting pains or really bad achy pains, like you have done too much exercise.

You find it hard to stand on one leg (to put pants on etc) and to turn over in bed, to walk, to get upstairs and you find that if you hoover, sweep, push a trolley it hurts alot more.

You need to get it recognised as it can cause problems in child birth, as you may find it too painful to open your legs.

:D :D
Hi ladies!

Thanks for the post. What is SPD I never heard of that nor have I had it. The pain that I have is not any kinda cramping, it's more of a soreness on my pelvis. What is a physio???

xoxo Ree
SPD is symphasis pubis dysfunction, its the pubis bone running down the middle of your hips (middle of your groin) that causes the problems, its like a burning pain sometimes.

Physio is physiotherapy, sorry i forgot your not from here! Lol- confusing you!!
It's the doctors that help your muscles to work after accidents, or give you exercises to get joints working again.

Hope this helps.

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