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May 25, 2005
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Oliver is 7 weeks old today and is really starting to grow out of his moses basket which is 6 inches away from where I sleep! Hubby reckons we should put him in his cot in his own room soon as he feels he will sleep better having more room rather than rammed into a space which is so small! (His feet overhang the basket) What do you guys think? I s he too young? I have the baby alarm thing.
hannah is nearly 7 months and still in her moses basket beacause she hates her cot she is still in with us
Mason was in our room till 6 months BUT we had a swinging crib thing that was plenty big enough for him. If you don't want to put him in his own room yet you could use a travel cot...lots of people do that.
ewan was in his own room in his moses basket from one month old. To save our sanity. long story
Wow...is Oliver a very tall child, or is your Moses Basket smaller than most? Naomi is 9 weeks and still snug enough in there...

Jack is fine in his moses basket.
We don't have a cot for him yet but we are buying one soon as i want him in his own room, just to give us space.

Amy was still in her moses basket but we just put it in her cot in her own room at 8 weeks.

Depends how you feel about them being on their own, both mine sleep through so i have no worries about them bein in their own rooms, with the monitor on extra loud!!!
Ella is too big to sleep in her crib/moses basket at night. It's ok for a day nap, but not for an all nighter. So she's been in her room since she was about 7 weeks old and we've had no probs so far :)

Kiara is 8 weeks old and inher bassinette still its big so she wont grow out of it any time soon, right now were more worried about getting her on a sleep schedule as shes up so late i put her in with us so i can sleep, but hoping at 3 months she will be in her own room.
Abi has been in her own room since she was 5 weeks old as she wasn't sleeping too well in her crib i just have the monitor on full, we did share a room when we went back to uk but she's back on her own now, she sleeps much better :)

Manda x
Maheen has been sleeping in her own room since we came back home from hospital! I feel it's important she understand that she has her own space and we have our own. And she found the 1st 2 nights hard, but has been very fine since then. We have a baby monitor, but to be honest I don't really need it, we leave the door open and I can hear her from my room.

mel xx
After Kai has his feed around 9 - 9.30 we put him in his room armed with sleepsuit lol and he is fine (we have been doing this for 1 week now). Then my husband gives him a feed at 1 and then he goes in the playpen in our bedroom. We are doing it gradually to start with and it working really well.
thanks all advice much needed. Think I am going to try him Saturday night. And yes he is a big boy.... not fat just really long, when he stretches out he bows in the middle in the moses basket now!!! Thanks guys.

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