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Jul 13, 2005
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hiya all,
just thought i would let you all know that my baby boy is here!!!

i went for my anti natel check up on monday 22nd august and my midwife said that i would have to go straight to hospital as my blood pressure was extremly high and i had 2+ protein in my urine and she said it was signs of pre eclamsia, so i went to hospital that day and they said they wanted to keep me in to keep an eye on my blood pressure.

tuesday morning a doctor came round and told me he wanted to induce me, so tusday afternoon they gave me a prosteen to try and induce labour i started having very small contractions but wednesday morning they had gone, and i wasnt dialated at all, so wednesday afternoon they tried me with another prosteen which again failed!!!
when i woke up thursday morning they decided they wanted to try and start me off again so gave me another prosteen, which come friday morning had failed again!!!!!!!!!!

the doctors decided to take me to the delivery suite friday morning to try and break my waters, but as tired and frustrated as i was i told them i wanted a c-section, which i had under general anestetic...............
and at 17.22 friday afternoon little owen cooper came in to the world weighing 8lb 12.5oz


AWWWW I get to be the first to say congratulations!!!!!!

Hes beautiful!

well done you!
:p :p :p :p :p Many Many Congratulations Charli! :p :p :p :p

You must be chuffed to bits to have your little boy with you - They were right on the sex then!

What a big baby - No wonder you asked for a c section!

Hope you are both doing well

Looking forwards to seeing a piccy or two!
awww what a beautiful baby congratulations hunny hope you are both well xxxxxx
Fantastic news! Congratulations
Emilia xxxxxxx :D
well done girl you did it! congratulations he is lovely. all the best for the futurex :lol:
Congratulations, he is gorgeous. Love to you all xxx
CONGRATULATIONS he is georgous!!!! :lol: :D

Post more pics when you get home (if you can spare the time!!!)

L x
Big congratulations, What a beautiful little boy! well done.
Lovely name too.
Congratulations to you both Charli - he is beautiful!

You sound like you really went through the mill with the labour, he was just to comfie where he was!

And I love the name....


Have a nice time with your gorgeous baby!!!!

Take care,
Congratulations I cant wait to hold my little one xx
thank you everyone.

i will post some more pictures when i get a 5 mins 2 put them on the computer.

i just want to thank everyone for your support and advice throughout my pregnancy, u have all been great.

thank you

love charl


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