Ovulation test positive and negative!

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Jilly, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Evening ladies

    This is my first month using the clearblue digital ovulation sticks, after reading on here not to use FMU I tested yesterday at 2 pm, the instrutions say not to urinate 4 hours before using so I didn't and it was negative as I expected.

    Today is CD11 and I did the same and tested at same time and got a happy face, I really wasn't expecting this though as I normally ovulate on CD14 and get low sided pain to confirm this also had no EWCM but don't ever seem to have.

    Feeling the need to double check I tested again at 4.30 and negative but it had only been 2 hours since I last did the test so now I don't know if it is positive or negative, could it be negative as I didn't wait 4 hours before testing?

    I am trying to wait again but desperate for a wee and need to wait another 2 and a half hours before I can test :wall:

    That will be 3 tests in 1 afternoon - I have the addiction :rotfl:
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    Cripes, I use the clearblue digital to confirm when I get a strong line on the ebay cheapies. That's really weird that you would get a + and a negative within a couple of hours.

    It's always possible that you can ovulate earlier than normal.

    If I were you I would BD anyway to be on the safe side.

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