Ovulation on Clomid

Discussion in 'OPK Testing Gallery' started by MsVicki, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Hello all

    Firstly, this is the first forum I have signed up to and reading some of the other posts I haven't got a clue what the abbreviations or lingo is so please can you bear this in mind if you are able to reply!
    So, I am 38 years old, never had any kids or been pregnant. Have been TTC (that's the only lingo I know!) for a few years but my cycles went bonkers last year, sometimes being up to 60+ days long. Had some acupuncture and homeopathy and for whatever reason, my cycles returned to between 28 and 32 days long.
    I have a consultant gynae at present and have had tests done including a hysterosalpingogram and my hubby has had all clear on his sperm test. So, I'm on Clomid and have been for 3 cycles now. My cycles have now reduced to 23/24 days for these three cycles and I've had positive ovulation kit tests on day 14/15. BUT, I've had day 21 progesterone tests to see if I've ovulated and the last one showed a reading of 11, which the gynae thinks is showing the 'tail end' of my ovulation, so next month she wants me to have a blood test on day 17. Given my cycle lengths she thinks I am ovulating around about day 10 to take into account the 14 day post ovulation - pre period reckoning. But the ovulation test says day 15 so I'm confused - how can this be?? From day 15 onwards till my period I get really sore breasts which is annoying cause I know this can also be a sign of pregnancy but it never is for me!
    Also, I am worried I don't have the optimum cervical fluid that sperm like ie egg white so is there anything I can do about this?
    I've got another 3 months on Clomid abd am trying to get an appt with the gynae to ask her to explain the above but this could be weeks

    So to summarise, I'm wondering:

    1. What do you think about me having positive ovulation tests on day 14/15 of 23/24 day cyles?
    2. what can I do or use as a sperm friendly lubricant?

    I'd REALLY appreciate any advice. x
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    hello and welcome :)

    i concieved on clomid on my 3rd cycle my cycle went from 32 to 24 days whist on it i ovulated usually around day 15-17 so alot later than normal but i used ovulation predicter testers so i knew exactly when it was coming then went like a rabbit for the week after my positive test lol i would definatly recommend getting some if you dont use already
    my cervical mucus was no different all thru month and didnt affect me but i have read on here preseed is meant to be a good one
    there are a few other ladies also using clomid on here who im sure will give some great advice also and best of luck xxx

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