Our third and final baby

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    I used to be a regular on this forum but haven't posted in a while!

    My first two births were documented here so thought it was only right to add my third!

    So here goes..

    After two fairly quick and easy births I was probably a bit too cocky in thinking that this baby was just going to slide out during a big cough haha how wrong was I?!

    36+5 days pregnant...I started contracting every 3 minutes on the morning of 24th June, kept busy, went for a long walk, went in to ABC to be told I was 1cm, was given a sweep and then told to go home... went home and bounced on my ball, went for a longer walk.. contractions continuing through the night every 3-5 minutes now... decided they were a little too painful and went back in on the morning of the 25th to be told I was still only 2cm.. was given another sweep and sent on my way...

    carried on bouncing on my ball all through the night of the 26th with hardly any sleep as the contractions were still very frequent and now lasting a good minute to a minute and a half.. decided I was getting this baby out once and for all so went and climbed on OH who was reluctant but participated! :lol: went to sleep for an hour or so and woke up to lots of blood, I had also noticed lack of movements from LO so I jumped in the bath and called the hospital who advised us to go in..

    Once we arrived, I was examined and told I was now 3cm.. I cried like a baby!! I was so exhausted and was convinced that I must be at least 9cm by now!! We went for a long walk again, up and down the hospital stairs..

    My plan all along was a water birth in the birthing sanctuary and this was agreed providing my BP behaved (I had pre eclampsia with my first)

    Its now about 6pm on the 27th June, I was examined again and told that I was still 3-4 but could be stretched to about 8.. I was told that due to the lack of progression I had to move around to the labour suite to be monitored by the doctors.

    Once in the labour suite I was examined by a doctor who tried to brake my waters. Whilst doing this he noticed that the babies head wasn't anywhere near the birth canal ., she was lying across my tummy and was in too much of an awkward position to be birthed naturally. The only option for a natural birth was for the doctor to put his hand up there and physically turn the baby himself...

    Before they carried out of the procedure I was prepped for a section just in case, whilst trying to move the baby he said it was impossible and that we needed to get round to theatre asap as baby was getting a bit stressed so after signing some paperwork I was wheeled straight round.

    Less than half an hour later our beautiful little girl was born

    Georgia Isabelle Pacey - 7lb 14oz


    and here she is now at almost 5 months old

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    Ahhhh she is adorable!! Congratulations hun xxxxxx
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    Aw she's so beautiful, congratulations. Love her name too xx
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    Awww I remember you Pringle!

    Congratulations!! She is amazing.


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