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Apr 9, 2005
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I seem to be having to have at least a pint of orange juice a day or more, (if theres ever any left). When i went to see my midwife on Monday she said i mustnt drink to much of it but never explained why that was. I thought it was good for you all those Vit C etc.
Can anyone tell me why its so bad for you?
And is this a craving Im having?

there is absolutely no problem with drinking orange juice during pregnancy...the vitamin C is brilliant for you and baby. The only reason i can think of your midwife suggesting you lay off the stuff is that it can increase your heartburn...cause it's quite acidic. What would make it better is to dilute it a little with water...though i know most don't like this!! Vitamin C helps absorb iron as well, so try having it whilst you are taking iron tablets or eating iron rich foods (the dark green veg is rich in iron, and recent research shows that organic broccoli has 4 times the amount of iron in it as non-organic (goes for most organic veg). try to steam rather than boil as the water leaches the veg of most its minerals and vitamins :D

Take Care

thank god for that i have a really bad cold at the moment so all im drinking is orange juice :D
I think it probably is a craving by the way! I didn't think I was having any cravings until I was talking to my Mum about what I'm eating and realised that I was eating 5 bananas a day plus banana chips at lunchtime washed down with banana flavour soya milk!

A friend of mine had an enourmous craving for apple juice!

She was getting through 3-4 cartons a day! :eek:

I am starting to wonder what I will get.

Hopefully it will be a craving for strawberries or something, but I fear it will be something much more fattening than that :D
I had a four day craving for chip shop chips and mushy peas- boy was I glad that only lasted four days!!!


It may be because pure juices can sometimes make your wee a bit stronger and us pregnant ladies are a lot more prone to urine infections. I was drinking loads of pure Exotic Juice but noticed it was sometimes stinging a tiny bit when I went for a wee so I just made sure I had a couple of glasses of water a day too and I was fine. Other than that I'd say it's a very healthy craving to have!!!
Thanks guys, I guess I just got a bit worried as she didnt really say why I couldnt drink alot of it.
Its weird coz I didnt think i was having cravings at all but its not only orange juice i love fruit at the moment too. Its a must have to have at least 4 or 5 plums a day. My hubby says Ill be in the loo all night but hey at least its healthy I guess.
I had a huge craving for orange juice also!
I drank loads for about a month, now I've gone on to craving fizzy orange like fanta or tango. I know it's not as healthy but it's so yummy!
I was craving fresh orange aswell, i was drinking loads my shoppin trolley was full of the huge cartons, lol. Untill it made me sick, it's put me off it now :?

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