opk confusion.....which result to trust ??

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by jiffylemon, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. jiffylemon

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    Aug 14, 2008
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    Hi ladies
    I've been using clearblue digi opk's for a couple of months but I've also got some first response ones. Last month when I got a pos on first response, I then did a clearblue digi just to check I was Reading it right and it too was pos so I thought I knew what a pos Reading looked like on 1st response . This month though I got a pos on 1st response on sat. On Mon I did a digi, thinking that it would be neg therefore confirming lh surge had gone which it did..... But this aft I did another 1st response ( don't know what made me) but it was def pos ( line much darker than ref ) so did a digi which was neg. So which is the most accurate???? I'm so confused now . Sorry for rambling on, hope you can understand what I mean ?? :wall: :wall: :wall: :(
  2. Donna's here

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    Oct 17, 2008
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    The problem with these opk's are some are more sensitive then others. I did think clearblue and FR would be the same so I cant really help you. I dont have much luck with them either hun, every months its different for me. I still do them but I do keep bding now as I dont really trust them :?
  3. puds

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    Nov 4, 2008
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    as donna said its really hard to completely understand the results- our bodies are too strange! its important not to rely on them too much but just to use them as a guide. keep bding every 2/3 days so that u don't miss out or every day if u think u are around the time of ovulation. have u considered checking ur cm for signs of ovulation? are ur cycles normally regular?
    also ur body can gear up to ovulate but not for some reason such as stress/illness. it will then try again later on resulting in another positive. If you went by the first positive and then stopped bding u may lose out as u hadn't actually ovulated if that makes any sense at all!! :lol:
    good luck.

  4. HannahD

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    As if it isn't hard enough!! Our bodies don't make it easy for us do they?!! And then the tests all vary from brand to brand. :wall:

    As the other ladies have said, just bd every couple of days then each day over your ov time.
  5. sazza

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    Jan 20, 2009
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    I did a OPK test tonight, it had a faint control line, and even fainter second line!

    Beginning to realise we shouldn't solely rely on these, as our bodies can tell us so much more!
    I have noticed a change in my CM the past 3 days, so BD last night, and will again tonight. Everything crossed!!!
  6. Waiting4amiracle

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    Oct 29, 2008
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    I no longer trust opks after my recent experiance with them
    I started using opks on day 12 of cycle i was not sure of my cycle the first day i done the opk day 12
    i got a dark line dark as the band line this was classed as a positive and then got nothing but very faint lines
    the days after .

    I had a follow up appointment at the fertility clinic so i was telling him i was on day 28 and not sure of my cycle
    length so he done a scan which confimed i had ovulated from my left ovary and the follicel had rupterd
    which it has to too for the egg to come out .The doctor said this looked 7 days old which confirmed i was
    having a 35 day cycle any way he done a progestrone blood test and i had the results back on wednesday
    which was 56% has to be 30 or over for ovulation to of taken place the 56% confirmed i ovulated on day 23
    of cycle so Why the POSITIVE opk on day 12 ??? when i never ovulated till day 23 of cycle.

    So doctor said not to use opks because other hormones in out body can interact with thesa opks
    giving false positives when were really not ovulating on that day which is why were not getting pg
    :wall: The witch arrived for me today cycle day 37 so back to ttc again this month at least now i know
    the best days to ttc is day 20 and 23 of a 37 day cycle so i am deffo giving the opks a miss they are unreliable


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