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    I had been testing every afternoon, waiting 5 min and nothing... Sunday night I got a faint positive after 5 min and thought i would try again in the morning. In the morning my bbt rose and then after testing, waiting 5 min got my first definite positive!! I assumed I probably ovulated in the night. This morning I tested again (bbt still high) and got a faint positive after 5 min. Went and checked in 30 min later and it had developed. So I decided to go and get my old ovulation test sticks and see if they had developed and yes some of them had!! Some of them barely had a faint positive when testing and waiting 5 min but now have come up as strong. That first one still has nothing so leads me to think that my tests might take longer to develop properly or is a result of diluted after urine instead if strong morning urine. Has anyone else had this experience? Any comments appreciated!!
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