opinions on breast feeding please.


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Nov 6, 2005
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ok just been reading some posts and tankett your to blame...lol sorry was just reading about your mil offering to take your steroliser back to mc for you!!

anyway i was wondering how you all felt and coped with breast feeding?

my lil story is well im pregnant with my second child as most of you know Adele was born premature. So when she was born i was expressing milk and never got alot from it i was lucky if i was getting 10oz at a time it only lasted 6 weeks then i dried up. Im not sure if it had something to do with me expressing and not having Adele in my arms and bonding with her that sort of thing.

This time im unsure wether to try breast feeding or not as this baby looks as though its going to be full term im going to be out and about alot and i just dont know if i have the courage to breast feed in public or not, i know that sounds selfish but looking only 12 as it is i have very low self opinion of myself and feels everyone stares at me as it is i know its daft and its just me.

Do yous think i should express or try giving the breast ago after all i guess baby may not take to it.

let me know what your experiences have been like and how you coped with other peoples opinions

many thanx luv

jean xx
Personally I love breastfeeding and have had no negative experiences while doing it in public.
All you need is a baggy top and just pop your baby's head under it...no one even notices when I start a feed, not even my friends who I am sitting talking to, it just takes practice.

I would recommend at least giving it a go...you might really get on with it and enjoy it (I love the extra bond it gives you) on the otherhand, if after a week or so you don't like it, then you can decide to stop.

One bit of advice I would give is, don't give up too soon, it DOES hurt for a week or so, and you will need nipple cream etc. I know lots of people who gave up at this stage because they didn't realise that it gets better!

Feel free to pm me if you want to chat more about it....
thanks hun i did find when i was expressing it did hurt but after about 3 weeks its got easier then i dried up i was gutted. I think i will give it ago if not i will express as they say breast milk is the best start in life for them

thanx again hunni xx
I have had a bit of a rocky relationship with breastfeeding. My milk took ages to come in (about a week), Seren was (and still is) a very hungrey baby, have had thrush and mastitis etc etc. However I can now at last say I really love breastfeeding. It hurt me so bad at the beginning but it doesn't hurt at all anymore and she has settled into it more also. I know what you mean about the public bfing thing, I don't like doing it either but as Urchin says a baggy top is great. I also usually wear a vest top and a cardigan so I can pull the vest up for baby to get to breast but the cardigan keeps tummy covered and hides what baby is doing. If you really dislike the idea could you not express a bottle before you go out?

Give it a go and if it works for you great, if it doesn't then don't beat yourself up. Good luck and you can PM me if you want to chat or put me on your MSN if you want (my email is
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Hi wee,
Im in the same situation as you, undecided :shock:
My thoughts on it change from week to week, if I have a tense day with Jess I think, no way am I try to breastfeed and if I have a good day I think, hey, I can do it. But here and now I still dont know. I will put baby straight on but I think I will decide then if Im doing it or not.

Dont worry about folks looking at you, people I think will always be curious, its human nature and the more folk that feed outside the less people will look.

With this scottish weather I doubt I would be getting them out anyway :D
im definatly going to try breast when baby is born as i never got the chance with adele as she was born so prematurley but if i or baby dont take to it then i think i will definatly just express the other thing that is putting me off is when i do go out im usually on my own going shopping with adele and sitting for an hour or how ever long it takes a baby to feed from a breast and trying to amuse a 3 yr old at the same time i think i would end up getting myself worked up and then my milk would dry up so ive had a long think about it last night and im going to give the breast a go and if everything goes ok then i will express a bottle if i need to go out.

Thankyou all for your advice and support

will keep yous informed xxx

beanie ive just added to you to msn ty hun x

Im braest feeding and i had a really rocky start even the health nurse commented that she cant beleive im actually still oding it.
As far as feedng in public ive doen this a few times and have gotten dirty looks but then other times people dont care... and why should they your feeding your baby.
I still am not good with oding it in public but it will take time.
Remember it usually always gets better and the first few weeks are always a ittle tough hope it works for you xxx.
It is the best thing in the world. I had such problems at the start and nearly gave up every day for about 6 weeks and went to the breastfeeding clinic and all sorts, then things just sorted themselves out and now all is well and we are 7 months on.

I think I will be feeding Dom till he is around a year old.

Good luck with what ever you do, you will make the right choice for you both :)
thankyou all for such great advice and ive decided i will give breast a good go i'll just put sunglasses on if im out in public pretend they cant see me....lol but if me or baby have any problems then i will still express it as i want whats best and i dont think it would be fair as i expressed with adele if i didnt with this one.

so thankyou all once again and i will let yous know how it goes

weestar21 said:
ok just been reading some posts and tankett your to blame...lol sorry was just reading about your mil offering to take your steroliser back to mc for you!!

Just wanna say Sorry!!!!! :lol:
lol no hun im sorry....lol it just got me thinking that was all but i think ive made my mind up 100% now!!!

how you doing hun?
Yuk today if I'm honest. Sick of being tired, having a headache, being ratty, and getting swollen fingers!!!

But, and big but, I love being pregnant and wouldn't change it for the world!!!!! :lol:
ive got a stinking cold my throat hurts so bad and every bone in my body is so sore i guess im lucky its just a cold i think as last week my wee Adele and my OH had that sickness bug so they were puking and poohing the whole week so glad i havent got it *touch wood*
Hey Jean

Pips told me you are getting induced on 20th - not long now!

If I'm still bf when you're reading to go out bf then we can meet up for a coffee and bf in public together! Moral support and all that!

I've had a bit of a rocky start as well, in fact I'm going to BF councellor tomorrow to try and help but she's over in Clarkston and the meeting starts at 9.30 - omg I've never managed to get out of the house earlier than 11 am yet!

Speak soon
Lucy x
aww lucy that would be great hun congratulations on the birth of baby olivia i sent you a pm a while ago not sure if you got it or not.

Hope you and baby are keeping well cant wait to meet up with you pips and all 3 little ones, i bet i have a boy since you 2 have had little girls....lol

anyway love n hugs and will speak to you soon


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