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Jul 8, 2005
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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well!! Just an update...........didn't ovulate til day 28 this month, then flew out to Antigua 5 days afterwards to get married. Yesterday was our wedding day, and it was amazing and incredible. We can't believe we are Mr & Mrs!! This morning I did a HPT and it was positive. We couldn't believe it so I did another one an hour later (Clearblue Digital this time) and it confirmed that we are pregnant!!!!!!!!!! Its only lunchtime here and we are both still in shock I think, but overjoyed of course!! We don't fly back for a week, and I didn't want to bring any pregnancy books as we wanted to completely relax, so guess where I'm dragging the hubby this afternoon!?!

You got it, we're off to the local book store!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will check in again soon, off to the beach again for an hour or so!!

BTW I haven't had any symptoms so far apart from getting more spots than I've had in my life!!

Lots of love & Baby Dust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxx :D :D :D :D
Congrats hun!!!!

thats great news, so pleased everything worked out for you, post pics of your wedding when you get home, have a great honeymoon! ;)
congrats, hope you have a healthy 9 months.

love sarahxxx

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on your wedding, Mr & Mrs and your baby news. Your timing was perfect I can't think of a better way to enjoy being married and pregnant all at the same time!

Enjoy Antigua and tell us all about it when u guys get back. For now, relax, take in the sun sea, sand, and enjoy your honeymoon. I'm sure you both can't stop smiling :D

SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you both, safe home and a happy healthy pregnancy x x

Awww contratulations !! The best wedding present anyone could ever ask for :D

Hope you had a fab day....really pleased for you xx
Congratulations to you both on your marriage and your BFP!!!

What fantastic timing to find out, relax and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!
What fantastic news and what a great story to tell your bambino when he/she arrives!
I'm so happy for you! Well done!
thats brilliant news double congratulations to you both :D
enjoy your honeymoon xxxxxxxxxxx

What a great start to married life!! have a healthy 9 months

Steph x
What great news! What a great wedding present that was!!

congratulations... what a wedding present! enjoy the rest of your honeymoon....

Wow!!! What fantastic timing!! Congratulations to you both!

Have a great honeymoon and post pics when you get back!

Wow that's great and what a wonderful time to get your BFP :D :D

Looking forward to seeing the pics when you get back
Awww, thanks for all your well wishes, we still can't quite believe it..........except for when my boobs are killing me, I'm abusing hubby with moods or I'm half asleep!!

Will post tales of wedding with photos soon, when we have got ourselves a bit straighter at home - we have to finish doing our flat up super fast and get it on the market!!

Big congrats to you Sam, Jacqui, Davinia & anyone I may of missed out (sorry, bit dippy too!). There seems to be a baby boom at the moment, so ****BABYDUST**** to all you TTCer's!!!!

Em xx
A belated Congratulations. Thats a brilliant Happy Ending. Best of luck for next nine months. Oh & congratulations on your marriage hope you hada great honeymoon.Lorrie :lol:

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