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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by 1980bubbles, Jun 26, 2016.

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    So I'm not sure where to start,

    In the past my husband and I have had many arguments due to his drinking and his anger issues that occur once he has had a drink.

    Things have been going really well, as he has not drunk for along time since I became pregnant, and we now have a healthy and happy 2 week old baby boy.

    My husband returned home from working this evening, and has some drinks, i had one drink, and then said I wanted to take both children and get them ready for bed, he said I could only take my daughter, and he would come up shortly with our son.

    My daughter and I were settled in bed and my husband followed shortly later with our son, he went back downstairs and returned back up to bed with 3 bottles of beer, which I then asked him not to drink as I had my daughter lying next to me in our bed, and I was holding our son on the other side. At that point he flew into a rage and picked up my daughters dish with her snacks in and threw it at the wall and it smashed, he then began shouting in my face that did I know how many hours he had worked, and I should wipe away my tears and get on with my job at being a mum, I then began saying please don't shout as both children has started to get upset, and we're both crying at this point, he began to get more angry and was shouting more at me, I tried to take both my daughter and son out the room, but he would only allow me to take my son, and kept my daughter with him. It broke my heart to hear her crying and calling mummy as I left the room with my son, as I was scared in case of what might of happened.

    My son and I are both now downstairs, he is now fast asleep in his basket. he hasn't spoken to me, or come to check on us since we left the bedroom over 3 hours ago.

    The last year has been fantastic without alcohol, as he is such a good husband and dad, but tonight took me back to where we use to before and has left me feeling unsure
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    Hey love

    Sorry that your in this situation. What an ass.

    In the first instance I'd take both my kids and myself out of that situation. Also if he stops you from taking the kids and has just displayed aggressive behavior then I'd be phoning the police if it was not possible to get my daughter out safely. Good past year or not. It only takes one time for something to get out of hand. He is clearly a manipulative person and assume that's what he was trying to do by only letting you take one child.

    You really need out of that situation. I understand this is only when he has a drink but I just couldn't have myself and kids around that. Perhaps he will see that perhaps staying totally alcohol free is the only way to see his family. Are there family you could live with?

    I hope your ok!!

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    How awful for you, I agree with above you need to get out of that situation. He should not be screaming at you like that especially in front of your children, your daughter was probably very frightened watching you leave. Take them both and get some space
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    It sounds like he has an alcohol problem and likely cant drink at all. Seeing as its the first time it has happened in a long time if you are able I would speek to him about what happened and say it is not on for that kind of thing to happen in front on your kids. He needs to get help with his problem. He can't drink at all. You can't have alcohol in the house. You can't drink infront of him and he can't spend time with people who drink. If he is willing to work with that then he might actually have a hope of controlling his problem and having a future with his family. He might just say he doesn't have a problem but his behaviour clearly shows otherwise.
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