Odds on TTC versus Accident pregnancy

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by willz123, Jul 27, 2013.

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    I've written a few posts on this forum, and the more I read the more i become obsessed with pregnancy! So many mixed views and opinions, and also experiences that I really can't make my mind up on whether to stay hopeful or not ( The dangers of reading online forums!!)

    There are times when I feel really disheartened, as someone who is TTC, I have come off my pill four days ago, and started trying straight away, I have felt symptoms straight away, which (by doing online research) I have seen that a lot of other people have experienced these feelings too! However, The confusing part is that these symptoms also come with the withdrawal of contraception (in particular cerezette - the contraception i was using)

    The facts are : Im 21 (no judging please I am married, own my own house and we both work very hard, with decent incomes - not that any of that is crucial to becoming a parent)

    I was on cerezette for just under 6 weeks, which im hoping means my body will recover rather quickly.
    I have blue veiny boobs, with darker brown rounding the outskirts of my nipples - they are tender to touch
    I have sudden bouts of nausea, and a bite of a watermelon made me sick
    I have been bleeding for one day in total now (very light bleed)
    Very painful cramping, I have a stronger sense of smell
    and I need to wee almost every half an hour

    One of the most important changes for me, which I think is important to mention is smoking. Obviously, as we were trying to conceive I had stopped smoking, but I really did expect this to be a challenge for me, however, since the first day we had sex without contraception I have had absolutely no cravings, or thoughts about cigerettes and the smell actually repulses me.

    Please give honest opinions, do you think there is even a little chance that I could be pregnant or do you think it is just the cruel monster contraception - cerezette playing mean tricks on me and my body?

    I ask this because I have seen so many sad stories of conceiving after cerezette, but at the same time my research shows me that there is a huge amount of people who have been on cerezette and got pregnant without missing one pill! I just don't know what to believe!
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    I think your torturing yourself with these incessant posts and questions.
    Its possible to get pregnant on the pill (I did) but its unlikely that 4 days after conception you'd have so many pregnancy symptoms. It more than likely is down to hormonal changes from coming off the pill.
    But the only way to know for certain is to wait until u can test. All the guessing in the world isn't going to give u an answer.

    Tapatalking from my blackberry!
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    As I've said in previous posts its extreamly unlikely , the only way to know is to test in a couple of weeks .. Until that point posting thee same question is pointless because none of us know, but we aren't going to tell you what you want to hear .. We're gonna tell you the truth. Its sounds like your starting to get a little bit of an obsession with ttc already which isn't gonna help you hun , its just gonna stress you out which isn't gonna help you ttc. And tbh you shouldn't want to be pregnant just coming off cerazette , you should give your body a break. Because the last thing you want is a mc, that's a risk I certainly wouldn't want to take .. I'm sorry to be so blunt but I've given you advice on your other posts , we're not here to tell you what you wanna hear but to be honest and support you. I suggest you wait a while - at least till your 1st period. Good things come to those who wait. X
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    I was on cerazette aswell and have yet to fall pregnant after trying for 10 months x
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    It is very unlikely to fall pregnant after 4 days or to have symptoms so soon, your body would of had to ovulate first and whilst this can happen on the pill, it is unlikely as the pill usually stops ovulation from happening. Try not to obsess or overthink, it wont help the process at all. Maybe buy some ovulation predictor kits and track ovulation so you know when to bd (baby dance). I would personally wait for one normal period and then start a fresh and you will have some idea of where you are in your cycle and when to do the deed. The bleed you are having is probably a withdrawal bleed x

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