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Mar 11, 2005
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this is my first post on the second trimester board so hi! :) I had morning sickness from 6-8 weeks in the afternoon and evening and wasn't actually sick with it just felt really sick all of the time. This morning I had exactly the same breakfast that I've been having for the past 3 months (three prunes, my ProNatal vit pill, porridge and some water) and promptly threw everything up! It happened just after I'd taken a large drink of water (not cold so I don't think it was a temperature thing) and was pretty instant but it totally took me by surprise! Everything else seems to be fine- I don't think I've got a tummy bug or have eaten anything dodgy and I felt fine when I woke up and ok now if a bit hungry- I don't feel that morning sickness nausea at all. It was a right pain though as I was late for work so I'd like to work out why it happened if possible!

Any ideas? Did your system suddenly change? Could it be me having my vit pill before eating (no change there but maybe I'm more sensitive this week for some strange reason?) I've also suddenly noticed that I want to eat very plain stodgy carbohydrates as my digestive system doesn't seem to want to cope with all of the good things that I should be eating like green leafy veggies and pulses etc.

Thanks a lot!

Well, we are due about the same time. I had sickness but was never sick up until week 9/10 then it seemed to get better. But over the last week, Ive woken up in the morning feeling really sick again. so I guess it must be a particular hormone thats hits your body this time. Said in an early post that at exactly...(literally to the day) 11 weeks i get a migraine. Have done with all last Four pregnancies.

Hope you feel better, have to say I feel totally dreadful today & green !!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks Ragna, I am definitely looking green about the gills too but have managed to keep a banana down now! I had been so pleased to have got away without much morning sickness too... famous last words!

Hope you feel better too :)

Hi, i take pro-natal and if i tak eit before i eat i throw up! it took a few weeks to discover this however as i tried to take it after a meal with lots of water. I had literally just finished spag bol and up it all came, beautifuli can tell ya! I know you say you've been doing the same up til now, butmaybe your tummy has been able to handle it until now?

i would suggest eating first then taking it after your last mouthfull. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy, don't know how you feel about porridgenow, buti can't look spaghetti in the eye! my fav too!

aha- ok, thanks! I'll try that! I'm not sure how I feel about porridge right now but it's not too good it's true!

Thanks for the tip!

Hi Rosebay, Dont worry I had the exact same thing, I didnt really suffer from morning sickness, untill at about 12-13 weeks when I promptly threw up my lunch one day I then had it bad and found it hard to keep down any food, when I saw may mid-wife I asked if it was normall cause all my books say that it sould be dying off now not starting! She assured me that it was fine and some people developed it later and it lasted up to about the 16th week.
I just found that eating small amounts ragularly helped the most, and if I feel really bad I ate a piece of crysalised ginger (eughhh)

thanks for the reassurance! It really freaked me out! I've now been taking my vit pill at dinner rather than breakfast and have totally gone with my cravings for plain, dull carbohydrates and that seems to have really helped. I don't seem to want anything acidic whatsoever and if I have something like that then I feel really sick. Other than that it doesn't feel like the morning sickness I had earlier on- must just be a slightly different element of the same thing.

Thanks again!

p.s. mmmm, I love crystalised ginger!
hi all, i had quite bad sickness upto about 12 weeks then was fine, so fine in fact i thought something was wrong lol!
Now i find i start gipping at the siiliest things like my little girl talking about snails or something!
Also find i can be fine for days at a time then all of a sudden nothing will stay down usually with no warning, i've realised this happens more when am overtired
My morning sickness didn't start until 6 wks... and has been going strong every evening from 6pm since (I'm 18wks at the mo).

Funniest incident was after a lovely meal and evening out seeing a band with my boyf... on return home I vommed my spagetti but it tried to escape out my nose... blowing it afterwards I noticed 2.5inchs of spagetti in the tissue, I'm never ever eating it ever again. :)

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