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Dec 17, 2005
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I have no idea on colours etc. Is anyone willing to post some pictures of theirs, so perhaps I can pinch a couple of ideas. I don't plan to find out the sex so it will have to be unisex. Thanks
Hi. I did my nursery in neutrals using the linear zoo bedding from mommas and papas, and we put up lots of Dr Suess pics for colour. Baby turned out to be a girl but the nursery still looks the same apart fromthere are pink balloons in the corner. Have attached the thread abbout it as this was quicker then finding out the photos again. x ... ht=nursery
i did all mine in classic winnie the pooh from mothercare its neutral and really pretty xxxx

I have just started to buy for ours - we have gone for the Zeddy and Rhubarb range from Mamas and Papas :D

i think i'm going to decorate our nursery in barnaby bear from mommas and papas... i like the white with the light brown gingham check... been collecting white and brown bears too....

The Mamas & Papas range is really lovely.

I love Barnaby Bear and Zeddy & Rhubard, I think we've finally decided on millie & boris but we'll be mixing it in with Barnaby Bear and some of the Zeddy Rhubard range because we likes bits and bobs from each of the ranges.

Hayley - what's the Mamas & Papas shop like at Cheshire Oaks? Does it have discounted stuff? Has it got a good range of products in?
the mamas and papas in cheshire oaks isn't discounted but it's big... i thought it would be discounted being at cheshire oaks too!!! do you know prestwich in manchester? or manchester city centre? as there's another big mamas and papas here! if you head towards man city centre and get onto bury new road..... stay on it till you come to macdonalds (bury new rd is a main rd in and out of manchester city centre) If your coming from the city centre - get onto the road that passes harvey nics and marks n sparks and stay on it head out of manchester then you'll eventually come to a macdonalds... turn into the oposite road (mac donalds will be on your left - turn right and stay on this road - follow the bend round - you'll come to a big W shop and ahead of you a huge shopping centre called the manchester fort.... there is a huge mamas and papas there too.... think they are the only 2 in north west...

hope that helped

Thanks Hayley, that's really useful.

My family are in North Wales so we're going to meet up in Cheshire Oaks and do a spot of baby shopping as both me and my sis are preggers. :)

If we go to Manchester then I'll bear that in mind, we'll see how we get on at Cheshire Oaks first.

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