Nursery Furniture Colour

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by msjenny, Mar 16, 2016.

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    Would you go funky or rather calm white or grey and make it funky with some extras and accessories ?

    How much have you spent for your nursery... Market is quite full and you can furnish and decorate your furniture for 500 pounds and you can make it for 5000 ....

    What is your opinion ?

    I am mainly concerned on safety and the quality but do not think it is worth going for 2K branded nursery furniture set.
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    May 7, 2013
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    I like white bedroom furniture for kids and babies :) My kids' beds are white wood and their wardrobe is white.
    It's also good because it goes with anything so will look good whatever the decor (which is bound to change as the baby becomes a toddler etc).

    I've never really bought much in the way of nursery furniture.
    With my first, the bedroom had built in wardrobes. We already had a cheap chest of drawers (horrible plasticy looking wood ones lol), and bought a lovely Winnie The Pooh pine cotbed and a matching (but from a completely different store) pine tall chest of drawers. That was it.
    Painted the walls yellow.

    Second baby we were up in the attic bedroom by that point, no room for extra furniture, borrowed a white cot from my parent's friends (rarely used as it was only used once a week at most when they looked after their grandchild). But my 2nd baby used it about 6 times only, as she co slept. I really only used it to pop her in whilst I got dressed, and for about a week at 6 months when she went through a phase of needing to be on her own to fall asleep on a night, but even then she only slept in it about 2-3 hours then would wake for a feed and come back in my bed.

    Third baby is due July and I'm in a different house, my older 2 share a room, this baby will be in with me an co sleeping like I did with my last.
    No room for extra furniture so the baby has two drawers in my chest of drawers for their clothes and at some point I'll thin out my clothes in my wardrobe so I have hanging space for the baby's things when they're a bit older.
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    Mar 31, 2016
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    I think the best choice is to pick calm colours for furnitures. Too colourful nursery can distract child and make him/her nervous or anxious. New born babies really don't care about disign ;) In my opinion there's no point in spending fortune on very expensive furnitures, but you should care about child comfort and safety.

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