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Mar 24, 2005
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Hi guys,

I am hoping to get into Uni and do my nurse training in September.

I was just wondering has anyone else gone back to uni or started training after having a baby and how did you cope.
Did you start off full time and then go part time?
Did you start part time straight away?
How did you manage with child care?

Any advice would be grateful!!!

Hiya i am in the middle of my training at the mo, ive done the first 2 years and obviousley got pregnant half way through so just have the final year to complete!! At the moment i too am wondering how i will cope with childcare, sooooo much work to do plus a toddler to look after etc etc!!!

I dont think you can go back part time as it is a full time course.

My parner also works full time so im stuck at the moment with what to do for childcare as the final year involves a 6 month full time work placement so what with long shifts, night shifts etc i just dont know what to do at the moment! although it would be a shame to quit as its only one more year!!!

Sorry not much help am i?!!! im not meaning to sound so negative!! If its what you want then you should go for it, i know plenty of people who have returned to the course after having children and although they have said its hard at times they seem to cope fine with it! One of my best friends at uni has 3 children and she does brillliantly!

Right ill stop waffling on now!!! sorry!! lol

I havnt had my LO yet but Im currently at college doing an access course to hopefully get me in to uni in september to do.....wait for it.....midwifery lol. I think its gonna be hard work and involve alot of juggling but i think you just have to stay focused and determined! (well i hope!)
Hi Steph,

So you didnt have to drop out when you got pregnant then?

Its just my partner keeps saying he wants another baby when Jack is around 2 but I will be in the middle of my training. I told him I wasnt going to drop out when I've waited so long to do it!
I wasnt sure if you could go back and finish after a gap.
No i didnt drop out as such, i was lucky in that the timing wasnt too bad and i managed to finish my 2nd year, i was due the end of august and the 2nd year finished mid july.
Ive known people to fall pregnant on the course and had to leave half way through a year...makes things a little more complicated but still managable!
I had a letter sent to me saying that i have been withdrawn from the course and that when i want to return i have to contact them with about 3 months notice and to be able to return there must be a space available!
Your wise to finish training first as it does get a bit complicated with all the arrangements for dropping out/returning etc etc!!
Hope that makes sence!!

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