Not the In-Laws but My Family!

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Loupy Aussie, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2005
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    Hi everyone - ever since I got engaged, my mother has been less than supportive unless she is saying she'll be there for me if (when in her mind) things don't work out! After we finally got married (Dec 04) I thought things would improve but at best she thawed slightly! Now we are pregnant ... well her first reaction when we told her was "Oh was it planned" and then "Well I guess its congratulations then" ... it was a real downer and since then she has criticised every decision we have made about the baby - the midwife choice, etc. Its now at the point I only tell her a minimum of information and can't really share the excitement and fun of the pregnancy as she thinks I am not being realistic about how our lives will change and I certainly can't share any concerns as then she starts in on me again about the primary carer (midwife)! Is anyone else experiencing this? I am 30 years old by the way so I don't think she has any grounds to doubt me from the very beginning!

    On the other hand - my mother in law and in fact my whole husband's family have been so supportive and excited for us! Unfortunately they live in England and we live in New Zealand. But I always feel great after either of us talk to them on the phone!

    Oh well thats my relationships grumble - I am lucky I have some fantastic friends!
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    Jun 13, 2005
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    Im sorry that your mum isnt supporting you,hopefully she will come around in due time :eek:)
    Maybe the reason why your mother has reacted to your pregnancy in such a manor is because of the way she felt when she was pregnant and how it changed her life. You never know, it could be a number of things
    At least you do have support from other people, i think thats fantastic !
    Anyway take care !
    Best of luck in your pregnancy
    Love Cas x

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