Not Ready For Son's Relationship

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by lilacdoll, Jul 30, 2018.

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    I was talking to my friend and she said that she is not yet ready for her son's relationship. Her son is 16 years old already and he introduced his first girlfriend to the family just last week. He's her only child so my friend is not still ready to let him engage himself with serious relationships. She feesl like he's still not mature enough to do so. Any advice?
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    I think he is at a reasonable age personally. She may just be struggling coming to terms with that fact that he is growing up and entering a new point in his life.
    I had my first boyfriend at 14 for 2 years, my next at 16 for 6 years and then met my husband at 22. Everybody around me started relationships from 14 onwards too.
    All she can really do is teach him to be respectful and responsible. If she disallows him to have a relationship he will likely continue it but keep it from her and become secretive.
    I think she really just needs to accept this relationship and new chapter in his life, continue to support him and just try to guide him along the way. He is at an age now where he needs to start learning from his own mistakes but knowing that he has his parents there to fall back on when he needs to
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    Abit controlling imo. It's not up to her really.. If he's going to have relationships he's going to do it, he just won't tell her anything.
    My mum once told me not to see this much older guy, when I was 16. I just stopped telling her everything, even if something significant happened. At 16 people are old enough to make decisions about there own life, 16 year olds are expected to make life decisions (going to college, uni, choosing a career) surely he can make his mind up if he wants to be with someone. Yes I get that it's her only son, and she's sad he's growing up, but she can't control his life, if anything she will just push him away.

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