not nice news, but spare a thought...

I had been reading about this story earlier on. My thoughts are with your friends family Elaine. I hope Joe is found safe very soon and that it is not his body.
omg i cant begin to think what joe's family must be going through my heart sunk as i read on and the tears began to flow i pray that its not his body and what ever the outcome of this terrible situation my thoughts are with everyone, such a lovely little boy and whoever is responsible for this terrible tragadey will be made to pay.
love and hugs
jean xx
my thoughts are with you and your friends i do hope he gets found.
thanks for all your kind words, shes keeping me updated, so will let u know when i know any thing.

its sooo hard to know how the family is feeling, and they are coping. im still in shock from finding out.
What a worrying time, cant imagine what they are going through. My thoughts are with them :(
I have heard the news and just wanted to offer my deepest sympathy -can't really put into words what is in my head, I hits home more so now i have a kid.

Thinking of you and your family and friends.
im not sure i got this right but i herd on the news on monday night im sure it was, that the body was joe's i really hope im wrong but Adele was shouting and i couldnt hear it proper plz keep us informed as my heart goes out to her and her family and friends at such a heart breaking time
Yeah she texted me last night again

the body was joe, its such a horrible thing, he was suffering enough with illness. He was taken the where they found him in a wheelie bin apprently :cry: :cry: :cry:

my friend is very distressed and so is the family, they not dealing with it too great, ive offered my support, but they want to stay within the family. its such a sad ending... was really hoping for a bit of good news

Your in our hearts Joe XXXXX
Its just so sad, there are some sick people in this world. :cry:
Just cant imagine what his family are going through :(
my heart ges out to his parents,family and you too paradysso it must be heartbreaking for everyone when i saw it on the news i couldnt believe it was little joe such a lovely looking wee boy.

and your right steph i hope justice will be done for what has happend to such an innocent child

love hugs and my sweetest prayers to joe may your little soul rest in peace sweetheart


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