nose bleeds and bad dreams


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May 28, 2005
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I've started having awful nights in the last week and am getting very little sleep.

Last night I was woken up at 1am with blood going down my throat from a nose bleed :shock: I'd never had a nose bleed before this week but I've had 6 in the last 3 days and it's beginning to annoy/worry me.

The other thing is I keep having these terrifying dreams that the baby's coming much too early and when she arrives she's horribly deformed.

I've not eaten any cheese before bed so what's going on??

Anyone else experiencing these things?

On the up side I seem to be less achey this week :D
I can't remember why we have nosebleeds but apparently they are supposed to be quite common in pregnany.

I have had a few little ones but the worst one was a day after I ovulated. It absolutely streamed out totally unprovoked all of a sudden and it took me ages to get it to stop.

Most things in pregnancy are down to the dreaded hormones, and perhaps it was the sudden surge in hormones that set it off for me that day.

I haven't had any really bad nightmares yet, but I seem to recall the really vivid dreads that you are describing are also very common as well.

Best to check about the nosebleeds anyway, just to make sure though.
incresed blood flow makes us have nose bleeds i think.

I have only had one so far, and it was very early on, so touch wood i will get away with that.

but i have been having some very nasty dreams about my kids

first one was that everyone, even my family wanted to buy my baby and were making me offers and following me around incase i gave birth early.

second was that i was at the park with my daughter and son and there was a big climbing frame, she went up to the top of it and just walked right off and fell to the ground, i ran but i couldnt get to her in time.

third and most recent one was very vivid, it was horrible, in my dream, coz im having another boy, i wasnt allowed two, so i had to get rid of Ethan my son. so we took hi to what looked like a dog pound, there were cages all lined up, but instead of dogs being in there, ther were children.
we had him put in to a cage, he asked me when i was coming back to get him, all i said was that i loved him very much, he nodded and i walked away.

my OH had to wake me up, he said i was screaming in my sleep, once he woke me i ran in to ethans room to see if he was still there, the dream was so real that it took me ages to get over it, i could see his little sad face watching me walking away, i cried for ages after i woke up.

that was 3 nights ago and i still get choaked up thinking about it coz i can still see it so clearly in my mind.
Thanks you two, I feel a bit better now.
I called my midwife and she's told me that if I have any more to check it out with the doctor incase I'm anemic. So far all ok.
Layla that dream must have been awful - it brought tears to my eyes just reading it ( I think the hormones are getting to me again!). I had a few vivid dreams early on but nothing to unpleasant thank goodness - I wish I could sleep for long enough to dream now - I seem to wake up every couple of hours for one reason or another - I'm shatterred!!

yeah it was, its still clear in my mind,

My OH has noticed and told me that i have been treating my son diffrently since then, been giving him lots of attention and cuddles, which has made me feel bad coz i have'nt to my daughter.

got to pull myself together and tell myself its just a dream! lol
Well, I've only had a couple of nosebleeds in my life and they were only tiny ones, both while pregnant! i.e. the last six months.

Such vivid dreams are definitely a common factor in pregnancy...people tend to have other sexual dreams instead - sometimes quite vivid fantasy dreams about someone who isn't your OH :shock: but this is absolutely normal once I had a dream about kissing a gay guy who is an old friend and in the dream he just said "you've never seen me as a man before, have you?" and I got really turned on by the kiss...mortified I was!

I'm really starting this nesting lark, I have an urge to go out and buy furniture and paint, and the kitchen is getting to me, I had a fit of the sulks earlier because my OH has a bout of neuralgia at the moment and isn't well enough to go shopping even though he's been working non stop so far (for me and the baby I know) being really irrational and selfish seems part of pregnancy too.

bad me :cry:


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